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War on the Peasants

July 14, 2012

Global Drought Monitor
July 2012
Data updated on the 16th of each month

*Holodomor 2012

So Why the Worldwide Drought?

Clearly, there is much evidence that we are able to change the weather. We possess the technology to cause (or stop) precipitation. With this fact in mind, why are we suffering from a drought that is affecting crops across the planet? All over the world, people are either suffering from too little rain, or, in the case of the UK, record-setting rain that has crops rotting in the fields.

This leads us to more questions than answers. Is it possible that the droughts have been induced? And if the droughts are naturally-occurring, then why isn’t precipitation being induced by the science that exists?

Either way, the answer is the same.

Power and money.

NWO troll mascot Henry Kissinger chillingly said, “Control food and you control people.”

What easier way to control the food supply than to dramatically reduce harvests? Whether the drought is naturally occurring and could be broken, or is artificially induced, the effect is the same. The 2012 harvest all over the world will be greatly reduced.

Look for the mad scientists of Monsanto to use this as an effort to cash in and increase their monopoly on crops worldwide with the creation of some new drought-resistant, nutritionless mutation. Expect the noose of Codex Alimentarius to tighten, restricting our ability to produce food even more.

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