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The NWO of Psychiatry

July 31, 2012

It takes corrupt minds to establish a Federal Reserve, to execute a Holocaust, to forward racism propaganda from past to present, to call for mandatory mental screening and mass psychiatric “medicating” of a society. All the while, running the show through mass-media-mind-programming geared towards unawareness and quite frankly… slavery. Who corrupts these minds? Who whispers in the ears of the “world elite” while hiding behind pillars in the halls of your nation’s capitol?

Find out more about psychiatry’s strangle hold of society, Their agenda to target America and thus continue their dominance and control over world governments and all sectors of society. They run the whole damn show!

This video is a chapter from the full length video Psychiatry: An Industry of Death produced by CCHR, which is the worlds leading watchdog on mental health. Please also visit to find out what you can do to help stop this madness.

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*American Psychiatric Association’s (APA) Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM)

The psychiatric labels assigned by medical doctors and psychiatrists are based upon shoddy science. The list of “mental health disorders” is constantly expanding. Why? Because labels figure prominently in deciding whose psychotherapy will be paid by insurance companies, who will be hospitalized against their will, who may be declared by a court of law to be incompetent or too disturbed to have custody of their children, who will be allowed to grant or withhold permission to perform surgery on their bodies, and on and on.

How are decisions made about who is normal?
… To a large extent scientific methods and evidence are disregarded as the handbook develops.

“To read about the evolution of the DSM is to know this: It is an entirely political document. What it includes, what it does not include, are the result of intensive campaigning, lengthy negotiating, infighting, and power plays.”

Louise Armstrong, And They Call It Help: The Psychiatric Policing of America’s Children

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