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The Scarecrow

September 14, 2013

Watch “The Scarecrow,” the companion film for Chipotle’s new app-based game. Then download the free app at and join the quest for wholesome, sustainable food.

The song “Pure Imagination” performed by Grammy Award®–winning artist Fiona Apple, is available for download on iTunes.

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Medicine for the People

February 25, 2013

Nahko Bear (Medicine for the People) ღ Aloha Ke Akua

ღ Beautiful. Real talk. Yuwipi is going to heal the planet ॐ

Download Aloha Ke Akua for free at:

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2013: Year of Community

January 2, 2013

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Crack of Doom

November 25, 2012

Tiger Lillies

The Tiger Lillies are a cult British musical trio formed in 1989 by singer, songwriter Martyn Jacques. Often described as the forefathers of Brechtian Punk Cabaret, the Tiger Lillies are well known for their unique sound and style which merges the macabre magic of pre-war Berlin with the savage edge of punk

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*Devouring Jackals


Tired of this impossible life, Kafka dreamt of emigrating to Palestine and even learnt Hebrew well enough to read an entire novel, but he would die 24 years before Israel was created. Though Kafka never lived to see the violence that hasten, accompany then follow that country’s founding, he knew full well that such a large influx of Jews onto Arab land would be problematic, to say the least. It would exacerbate “a very old quarrel,” and not just any conflict but one “that divides the world.”

By Linh Dinh


Link Wray- Fire and Brimstone

November 16, 2012

tasty piece of crunchy country-blues, another favourite track from the overlooked “Link Wray” album issued by Polydor… just a must 🙂

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*The Bootleggers feat. Mark Lanegan – Fire And Brimstone (Lawless Soundtrack)



Whedon on Romney

October 29, 2012

Joss Whedon supports Romney as the man who will bring about the zombie apocalypse…

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Star Trek: Q’s Lessons

October 7, 2012

A look back at some of Q’s lessons to Picard during Star Trek The Next Generation.

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A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall

September 13, 2012

A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall (1973 Promo Video)

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Denali – Look To The Sky

August 6, 2012

Denali – Look To The Sky Ft. Alex Jones (Official Hip Hop Music Video)

Performed by Denali from the album “Topic of Discussion“.

Directed by Todd J. Lajoie. © 2012 H1 Productions.

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BRANDED – Trailer

July 21, 2012

In a dystopian future where corporate brands have created a disillusioned population, one man’s effort to unlock the truth behind the conspiracy leads to an epic battle to control the world in this visionary, thought-provoking sci-fi thriller. Starring Max von Sydow, Jeffrey Tambor, Leelee Sobieski and Ingeborga Dapkunaite.

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*Branded News

Is journalism about truth or marketing? If you picked the former, go back three spaces.

Journalism, as it is practised for the most part today, is about packaging, framing and distributing information to match the world views and ideological biases of distinct target markets.

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