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Banned Hicks on Letterman

October 16, 2012

Bill Hicks ★ Banned “Late Night with David Letterman Show,” ❤ Guest Mary Hicks [Entire]

Bill Hicks, banned and censored performance and appearance on the “Late Night with David Letterman show” On January 30, 2009, David Letterman invited Mary Hicks, the mother of Bill Hicks, on as a guest to offering a public and formal apology for not televising Bill’s performance the night it was suppose to originally broadcast. Also, the original clip that was censored and Bill’s last performance on the Letterman show.

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Profits of Doom

October 13, 2012

‘Doom And Gloom’ marks the first time that Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and Ronnie Wood have been in the studio together for seven years. The single was recorded in Paris and produced by longtime Rolling Stones producer Don Was, who has worked with the band on five previous albums (Voodoo Lounge/ Stripped/ Bridges To Babylon/ Licks Live/ A Bigger Bang), with the radio mix produced by Jeff Bhasker.

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*Profits of Doom

(an excerpt:)

The end has come to many over this period of time of seeking, as has always been the case. Change is afoot as it has always been. I can absolutely guarantee that things will continue to change, sometimes even in big and dramatic ways – as they have always. This time may be unique, but it may also be mundane. Who knows? Do you have a link?

As an observation of a purely personal perspective, I can tell you that the constant rolling around in all of this increasingly shrill alarm sounding has taken a toll on me. The sense of being unable to do anything to ensure the safety of my family and those around me who inhabit this sphere is devastating, and has led on more than one occasion to a deep despair. I have found myself wishing for a quick demise more times than I could count, but continue to endure and marvel at what is available counter to the racket that exists “out there”. Right there in every breath. What will be will always be, and the importance of perspective and above all, acceptance, has revealed itself. The gift of this life is wasted in an attempt to wall oneself up and defend against the inevitable force that is change. Being able to bend with the wind and find comfort in the swaying seems preferable to steeling against a force that will eventually snap you in 2.

Be well, Love each other and yourself. Refuse to be divided against those who may not see the world as you do, and hear the words of a wise man, now departed:

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