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2014 – When Awakening Erupts

January 2, 2014


2014 – When Awakening Erupts


There are exponentially increasing signs of life responding to the rapid deterioration and fascist takeover of our world. These manifestations of life can take time to surface, like seeds germinating and working their way up through the earth and into the sunlight. Life will always keep emerging from the seemingly dark recesses of fomenting consciousness, bringing new life and inspiration.
Many more evident sprouts of awakening are about to come forth in the days to come. “Grass roots revolution” got its name for a reason. And we’re all it. This is why the continued planting and watering of the seeds of Truth is so important. Our participation is tantamount to the success of this challenge in which we are engaged. Both personally, and collectively.

*What is True Sovereignty?


Sovereignty starts in your heart, where you get out of your mind and you sit in the seat of your heart and realize that you are in charge of this hologram that is this world.

A very happy new year everybody!

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