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The Oval Office

September 3, 2012

The geometry of its wooden floor presents us with an optical illusion.
There appear to be three-dimensional steps leading to the door.
This shows us that great thought went into the room’s design.

How to Draw the Oval of the Oval Office

Personally, I’m glad to know that the Golden Ratio, the most beautiful, inspiring, organic and uplifting of ratios, guides the proportions of the room (and building) where many of the most important decisions in the world are made.

By Michael S. Schneider, B.S., MEd. Mathematics.


Underground sex club found

August 31, 2012

Underground sex club found at Whiskey Row

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) — Workers preparing historic Whiskey Row buildings for interior demolition have discovered what appears to be the remnants of a sado-masochistic swingers club, abandoned for decades.

“This is the weirdest I’ve ever found,” said Greg Harris, the superintendent of the project for Sullivan-Cozart.

Two floors below Main Street, a large black and white logo displays the word “LATEX,” presumably the name of the club, painted on the century old wall.

From deep inside the subterranean blackness, a series of oil paintings depict a series of bizarre images, sexual and violent.

“Very disturbing,” Harris said.

Below one painting, a piece of equipment that appears fit for a torture chamber remains. A wooden rack large enough for one or two people includes a headrest and a rusted chain that can be turned by a handle. A gear resembling a saw blade is connected to the handle.

Update 1-9-2012:

*Photo’s: Whiskey Row Sex Club Part II

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