Radiation Readings VI

By @Dr. John the Nighttripper


  1. Rotterdam-Zuid,27 Augustus,21:15 – 0:00 u:

    Achtergrondstraling tussen de 0.12 en 0.18 mcSv/h.
    Na 22:35 u: tussen de 0.08 en 0.16 mcSv/h.

    21:45 u: 0.21 mcSv/h stijgend naar 0.23 mcSv/h.
    21:46 u: 0.21 mcSv/h dalend naar 0.19 mcSv/h.
    21:57 u: 0.29 mcSv/h dalend naar 0.25 mcSv/h.
    21:58 u: 0.25 mcSv/h dalend naar 0.22 mcSv/h verder dalend naar
    0.21 mcSv/h.
    22:13 u: 0.29 mcSv/h dalend naar 0.25 mcSv/h verder dalend naar
    0.21 mcSv/h.
    22:14 u: 0.26 mcSv/h dalend naar 0.23 mcSv/h verder dalend naar
    0.19 mcSv/h.
    22:19 u: 0.25 mcSv/h dalend naar 0.21 mcSv/h.
    22:23 u: 0.25 mcSv/h.
    22:26 u: 0.33 mcSv/h.
    23:12 u: 0.37 mcSv/h.
    23:15 u: 0.29 mcSv/h.
    23:51 u: 0.29 mcSv/h.
    0:00 u: 0.29 mcSv/h dalend naar 0.23 mcSv/h.

    Dr. John.

  2. http://agreenroad.blogspot.nl/2014/09/2014-is-radiation-from-fukushima.html?m=1

  3. Rotterdam-zuid,3 September,22:00-0:00 u:

    Achtergrondstraling tussen de 0.08 en 0.17 mcS/h.
    22:12 u: 0.33 mcSv/h.
    22:26 u: 0.21 mcSv/h.
    22:56 u: 0.29 mcSv/h.
    23:09 u: 0.37 mcSv/h.
    23:27 u: 0.29 mcSv/h.
    23:50 u: 0.37 mcSv/h.

    Dr. John.

  4. http://www.enviroreporter.com/2014/08/u-s-air-radiation-surges-higher/

  5. http://drsircus.com/world-news/forgetting-fukushima-radiation

  6. http://fukushima-diary.com/2012/01/0-36-microsvh-from-snowfall-in-saint-louis/

  7. webcam-forum ene-news:

    @ wideawake
    September 13, 2014 at 3:57 pm Log in to Reply
    WTF !!! looks like massive black smoke clouds rising on futaba cam…isn’t that where R5-6 is? sept 14th 04:45jst s/shots. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/77637499/septr14%2004%2045jst%20fcam.PNG https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/77637499/septr14%2004%2049jst.PNG https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/77637499/septr14%2004%2050jst.PNG https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/77637499/septr14%2004%2051jst.PNG https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/77637499/septr14%2004%2053jst.PNG

  8. 05:06jst looks bad ..red and black smoke cloud now! https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/77637499/septr14%2005%2006.PNG

    05:10jst https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/77637499/septr14%2005%2010jst.PNG

    cam view panned left.. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/77637499/septr14%2005%2012jst.PNG

  9. Volgens @Maija heeft het misschien iets te maken met de geomagnetische storm veroorzaakt door de X-class zonnevlam:


  10. “Fukushima Daiichi blast ? 14 Sept 2014” :



  11. http://www.zaplog.nl/zaplog/article/oekraine_zet_voor_cda_de_deur_naar_kernenergie_weer_open

  12. http://ecowatch.com/2014/02/02/50-reasons-fear-fukushima/

  13. Rotterdam-zuid,28 September,21:00-23:30 u:

    Achtergrondstraling tussen de 0.08 en 0.18 mcS/h.
    21:05 u: 0.21 mcSv/h dalend naar 0.19 mcSv/h
    22:06 u: 0.25 mcSv/h
    22:17 u: 0.33 mcSv/h
    22:30 u: 0.29 mcSv/h
    22:36 u: 0.42 mcSv/h
    22:49 u: 0.29 mcSv/h
    22:56 u: 0.37 mcSv/h

    Dr. John.

  14. “Fukushima radiation is not safe This brief video explains clearly how just 20 mSv of radiation will cause cancers & primarily KILL WOMEN & CHILDREN! The peer reviewed scientific studies are linked below the video.
    The largest study of 407,391 nuclear workers from 15 countries found increased cancer mortality exposed to just 2 mSv/y per year”:


  15. Rotterdam-zuid,3 Oktober,21:30-23:30 u:

    Achtergrondstraling tussen de 0.10 en 0.18 mcS/h.
    Na 23:00 u: tussen de 0.08 en 0.16 mcSv/h.
    21:33 u: 0.42 mcSv/h
    21:43 u: 0.42 mcSv/h dalend naar 0.21 mcSv/h
    21:47 u: 0.29 mcSv/h
    22:06 u: 0.29 mcSv/h
    22:26 u: 0.33 mcSv/h
    22:44 u: 0.37 mcSv/h dalend naar 0.21 mcSv/h
    22:45 u: 0.19 mcSv/h stijgend naar 0.21 mcSv/h
    22:46 u: 0.23 mcSv/h dalend naar 0.21 mcSv/h
    22:47 u: 0.22 mcSv/h dalend naar 0.19 mcSv/h
    23:01 u: 0.37 mcSv/h
    23:14 u: 0.29 mcSv/h

    Relatief veel bèta-straling (= hot particles!)

    Dr. John.

  16. Rotterdam-zuid,4 Oktober,21:50-23:50 u:

    Achtergrondstraling tussen de 0.08 en 0.18 mcS/h.
    21:53 u: 0.21 mcSv/h dalend naar 0.19 mcSv/h
    22:00 u: 0.33 mcSv/h dalend naar 0.21 mcSv/h
    22:01 u: 0.19 mcSv/h
    22:02 u: 0.33 mcSv/h
    22:19 u: 0.29 mcSv/h
    22:48 u: 0.19 mcSv/h halve minuut aanhoudend.
    23:11 u: 0.25 mcSv/h
    23:12 u: 0.25 mcSv/h dalend naar 0.21 mcSv/h
    23:15 u: 0.29 mcSv/h
    23:20 u: 0.29 mcSv/h
    23:34 u: 0.29 mcSv/h

    Ook vanavond weer veel bèta-straling!

    Dr. John.

  17. “Caught on Camera: Fukushima Mayhem Last Night
    Lots of bright flashing, the usual billowing black smoke joined by white smoke or steam in the rain last night. Then a light show of great porportions.”:


  18. Geweldig interview met Dr. Helen Caldicott:

  19. Rotterdam-zuid,11 Oktober,21:00-23:30 u:

    Achtergrondstraling tussen de 0.08 en 0.18 mcSv/h.

    21:55 u: 0.33 mcSv/h
    21:56 u: 0.29 mcSv/h
    22:40 u: 0.29 mcSv/h
    22:54 u: 0.29 mcSv/h
    23:01 u: 0.37 mcSv/h
    23:04 u: 0.29 mcSv/h
    23:07 u: 0.29 mcSv/h
    23:29 u: 0.25 mcSv/h dalend naar 0.21 mcSv/h

    Dr. John.

  20. Rotterdam-zuid,12 Oktober,22:00-0:00 u:

    Achtergrondstraling tussen de 0.09 en 0.18 mcSv/h.
    22:09 u: 0.33 mcSv/h
    22:20 u: 0.33 mcSv/h
    23:07 u: 0.33 mcSv/h
    23:37 u: 0.29 mcSv/h
    23:38 u: 0.19 mcSv/h

    Dr. John.

  21. “Busby Bites Back”:

  22. http://nomoreradiation.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-2.html

  23. http://nos.nl/artikel/711186-toezichthouder-greep-in-bij-petten.html

  24. https://www.scribd.com/mobile/doc/93660119?width=600

  25. http://www.globalresearch.ca/iraqi-doctors-call-depleted-uranium-use-genocide/5409287

  26. Rotterdam-zuid,23 Oktober,21:30-23:30 u:

    Achtergrondstraling tussen de 0.08 en 0.18 mcSv/h.
    21:45 u: 0.25 mcSv/h
    21:52 u: 0.42 mcSv/h
    22:08 u: 0.33 mcSv/h
    22:16 u: 0.25 mcSv/h
    22:26 u: 0.25 mcSv/h
    22:29 u: 0.29 mcSv/h
    22:54 u: 0.42 mcSv/h
    23;14 u: 0.25 mcSv/h

    Veel beta-straling!

    Dr. John.

  27. Kort maar krachtig:


  28. Rotterdam-zuid,28 Oktober,20:25-23:30 u:

    Achtergrondstraling tussen de 0.09 en 0.18 mcSv/h.
    20:26 u: 0.21 mcSv/h
    20:41 u: 0.33 mcSv/h
    21:19 u: 0.42 mcSv/h
    21:28 u: 0.33 mcSv/h
    21:48 u: 0.29 mcSv/h
    21:57 u: 0.33 mcSv/h
    22:05 u: 0.29 mcSv/h
    22:29 u: 0.37 mcSv/h dalend naar 0.21 mcSv/h
    22:42 u: 0.29 mcSv/h
    23:12 u: 0.29 mcSv/h
    23:20 u: 0.46 mcSv/h dalend naar 0.25 mcSv/h
    23:23 u: 0.29 mcSv/h
    23:30 u: 0.37 mcSv/h

    Dr. John.

  29. The dead trees and fallen leaves near Chernobyl aren’t decaying


  30. Rotterdam-zuid,3 November,21:00-23:30 u:

    Achtergrondstraling tussen de 0.08 en 0.18 mcSv/h.
    21:16 u: 0.29 mcSv/h
    21:23 u: 0.50 (!) mcSv/h
    21:43 u: 0.33 mcSv/h
    21:48 u: 0.33 mcSv/h
    22:14 u: 0.37 mcSv/h dalend naar 0.25 mcSv/h
    22:27 u: 0.29 mcSv/h
    22:29 u: 0.33 mcSv/h
    23:16 u: 0.29 mcSv/h
    23:22 u: 0.29 mcSv/h

    Dr. John.

  31. Rotterdam-zuid,13 November,21:30-23:30 u:

    Achtergrondstraling tussen de 0.09 en 0.18 mcSv/h.
    21:34 u: 0.29 mcSv/h dalend naar 0.25 mcSv/h
    21:35 u: 0.19 mcSv/h
    21:45 u: 0.29 mcSv/h
    22:03 u: 0.33 mcSv/h
    22:37 u: 0.29 mcSv/h
    22:48 u: 0.25 mcSv/h
    22:51 u: 0.29 mcSv/h
    23:17 u: 0.42 mcSv/h dalend naar 0.33 mcSv/h
    23:18 u: 0.22 mcSv/h

    Dr. John.

  32. Rotterdam-zuid,17 November,22:00-0:00 u:

    Achtergrondstraling tussen de 0.06 en 0.18 mcSv/h.
    22:09 u: 0.29 mcSv/h dalend naar 0.21 mcSv/h
    22:12 u: 0.21 mcSv/h
    22:24 u: 0.25 mcSv/h
    23:03 u: 0.37 mcSv/h
    23:29 u: 0.33 mcSv/h
    23:35 u: 0.25 mcSv/h
    23:51 u: 0.25 mcSv/h

    Veel beta-straling!

    Dr. John.

  33. Ik zou maar niet meer gaan vliegen:


  34. Rotterdam-zuid,24 November,21:00-23:30 u:

    Achtergrondstraling tussen de 0.06 en 0.18 mcSv/h.
    21:05 u: 0.21 mcSv/h
    21:12 u: 0.33 mcSv/h
    21:38 u: 0.29 mcSv/h
    21:51 u: 0.33 mcSv/h
    22:18 u: 0.33 mcSv/h
    22:47 u: 0.37 mcSv/h
    22:50 u: 0.33 mcSv/h
    23:07 u: 0.29 mcSv/h
    23:09 u: 0.37 mcSv/h
    23:12 u: 0.33 mcSv/h

    Dr. John.

  35. http://www.rdm.co.za/lifestyle/2014/11/25/they-wouldn-t-let-koeberg-explode-right

  36. Rotterdam-zuid,30 November,21:30-23:30 u:

    Achtergrondstraling tussen de 0.06 en 0.17 mcSv/h.
    21:32 u: 0.21 mcSv/h
    21:38 u: 0.29 mcSv/h
    22:02 u: 0.37 mcSv/h
    22:12 u: 0.42 mcSv/h
    22:15 u: 0.29 mcSv/h
    22:47 u: 0.21 mcSv/h
    23:16 u: 0.33 mcSv/h

    Dr. John.

  37. British researcher blasts U.N. report on Fukushima cancer risk as unscientific:


  38. http://agreenroad.blogspot.nl/2014/06/national-nuclear-security-agency-in.html

  39. http://www.interaksyon.com/article/101577/drone-spotted-over-belgium-nuclear-plant

  40. http://sccc.org.au/extreme-uv-levels-in-summer

  41. http://www.truth-out.org/opinion/item/28208-the-nuclear-zero-lawsuits

  42. ‘Ukraine Energy Wars Are Leading To
    A Fukushima-Chernobyl Debacle In Europe’
    By Yoichi Shimatsu:


    • Metingen in een straal van 30 km rond de kerncentrale in mcR/h.
      1 mcR/h = 0.1 mcSv/h.


      ( vertaling via google-chrome browser )

      • Nederlandse vertaling,1 mili-Rem per uur ( mR/h ) = 100 mcSv/h.

        30-km zone rond Zaporizja

        Locatie sensor DER γ-straling, mR / hr
        s.Michurino 8
        s.Vodyanoe 7
        GK-Dnepr 6
        s.Znamenka 9
        CURRENT Zaporizja 5
        s.Ivanovka 5
        Consultatiebureau GRES 7
        p / st. “Ray” 7
        Zuivering 7
        LVRK Zaporizja 7
        Nikopol 8
        g.Marganets 9
        Koeltorens Zaporizja 11
        GPP-22 10
        Industriële site van Zaporizja

        Locatie sensor DER γ-straling, mR / hr
        De omtrek van het “Noorden”
        A / transport ingang van KPP4 11
        De oostelijke kant van de site SFSF 8
        De noordkant van de site SFSF 23
        Speeltuin zwaargewichten w / d KPP6 9
        A / transport ingang van KPP5 10
        Nacontrole №21 – Noord NPP 11
        De omtrek van de “Zuid”
        M / d ingangsplaats №6 7
        Integendeel nitraat. installatie 11
        M / d ingangsplaats №5 8
        Nacontrole №22 – Zuid NPP 6
        Perimeter “EAST”
        A / transport ingang van KPP3 10
        In de buurt van een hoek van de perimeter / h 8
        Integendeel PK23 9
        In tegenstelling nevel vijvers 6
        In tegenstelling nevel vijvers 5
        Nacontrole №23 – Oost NPP 12
        De omtrek van het “Westen”
        In de buurt van BNS-6 13
        Tussen LBP en LBP-5-6 7
        Tussen LBP-4 en LBP-5 9
        Tussen LBP en LBP-3-4 8
        Tussen LBP-2 en LBP-3 9
        Tussen LBP-1 en LBP-2 6
        Integendeel HVAC 6
        Nacontrole №24 – West NPP 13
        © Zaporizja NPP, 2014

      • Mmmh,denk dat google verkeerd vertaald en dat de opgegeven waarden in microRem/uur en niet in miliRem/uur zijn.
        Desalniettemin gevaarlijk hoog!

        Dr. John.

  43. http://enenews.com/fukushima-released-13000000000-times-neutrons-initially-estimated

  44. “Wigner Effect”, Fukushima and Airline Safety


    • Dat verklaard dat er de laatste tijd zoveel vliegtuigen uit de lucht vallen….

  45. http://www.nucnet.org/all-the-news/2014/07/01/borssele-1-begins-using-mox-fuel-supplied-by-areva

    Nix over gehoord in de Nederlandse media natuurlijk.

    ( Fukushima’s reactor 3,die van die grote plof,draaide ook op mox ).

  46. http://www.enviroreporter.com/2015/01/high-radiation-detected-in-l-a-rain/

  47. http://www.leurenmoret.info/currents/fukushima-impact-of-fallout-2.html

  48. http://agreenroad.blogspot.nl/2014/01/live-in-san-francisco-you-your-dog-and.html

  49. http://nuclearnation.jp/en/part2/

  50. http://artvoice.com/issues/v9n19/cult_of_nuclearists

  51. http://agreenroad.blogspot.nl/2013/10/fukushima-spent-fuel-pool-4-contained.html

  52. Fukushima Daiichi Unit 2 Report 2015:


  53. http://augureye.blogspot.dk/2015/02/falling-dominoes.html

    ” If our controllers want us in a perpetual state of fear maybe they should run stories every day about how the pacific ocean is a dead zone where the orcas no longer sing because all of their young die before their first birthday. All of the observed orcas are sick, emaciated, and dying. Orcas are an apex species, and they’re going extinct because their food chain has collapsed from radiation poisoning. If the news carried the stories with video every night of the beached whales, the dying sea lion pups and a radioactive ocean; wouldn’t that scare everyone??

    Indeed it would, and although the controllers want us in a constant state of fear because we are so very much easier to manipulate in said frame of mind; they need to carefully control the dosage. Too much of the wrong kind of fear could result in a chain reaction panic sweeping the globe, fueled by millions with nothing left to loose. That’s what the controllers fear, is the day we all come for them with blood in our eyes; so no Fukushima news.”

  54. http://www.sciencealert.com/watch-uranium-emits-radiation-inside-cloud-chamber

  55. http://enenews.com/video-fukushima-meltdown-melt-melt-days-quake-govt-analysis-shows-containment-vessel-failed-after-fuel-melted-barrier-experts-corium-melted-container-reactor-building-prepare-radiation-levels-20

    Commentaar van pinksailmatt:

    March 10, 2015 at 11:47 am Log in to Reply
    If a buried nuke missile warhead could be located from low Earth orbit in 1980 by the military, then the x,y,z detection of Fukushima’s cores are already known.
    And if they are already known, then something sinister is in the making.
    My hunch is this is the perfect scenario for the Elite to stage a false flag nuke event, divert radiation blame to another country and start a new war.
    Note how Venezuela has just had the label “unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States” placed on it…with no compelling reason to do so. Note this comes just after the CIA/Blackwaters coup attempt was found out and eliminated.
    Once this false flag event goes down, the “cleanup” of Fukushima can proceed at 1000x the stated speed.

  56. Rotterdam-zuid,16 Maart,21:00-23:15 u:

    Achtergrondstraling tussen de 0.08 en 0.18 mcSv/h.
    21:02 u: 0.19 mcSv/h
    21:12 u: 0.33 mcSv/h dalend naar 0.25 mcSv/h verder dalend naar 0.21 mcSv/h
    21:17 u: 0.33 mcSv/h
    21:33 u: 0.33 mcSv/h
    21:44 u: 0.37 mcSv/h
    21:59 u: 0.33 mcSv/h
    22:11 u: 0.42 mcSv/h dalend naar 0.25 mcSv/h
    22:32 u: 0.37 mcSv/h dalend naar 0.21 mcSv/h
    23:11 u: 0.33 mcSv/h

    Veel bèta-straling!

    Dr. John.

    • Bedankt Dr. John!
      Maar wat is beta-straling eigenlijk?

      • Types of ionizing radiation

        X-rays are electromagnetic, and cause mutations the instant they pass through the body.
        Similarly, gamma radiation is also electromagnetic, being emitted by radioactive materials generated in nuclear reactors and from some naturally occurring radioactive elements in the soil.
        Alpha radiation is particulate and is composed of two protons and two neutrons emitted from uranium atoms and other dangerous elements generated in reactors (such as plutonium, americium, curium, einsteinium, etc – all which are known as alpha emitters and have an atoNagasakht greater than uranium). Alpha particles travel a very short distance in the human body. They cannot penetrate the layers of dead skin in the epidermis to damage living skin cells. But when these radioactive elements enter the lung, liver, bone or other organs, they transfer a large dose of radiation over a long period of time to a very small volume of cells. Most of these cells are killed; however, some on the edge of the radiation field remain viable to be mutated, and cancer may later develop. Alpha emitters are among the most carcinogenic materials known.
        Beta radiation, like alpha radiation, is also particulate. It is a charged electron emitted from radioactive elements such as strontium 90, cesium 137 and iodine 131. The beta particle is light in mass, travels further than an alpha particle and is also mutagenic.
        Neutron radiation is released during the fission process in a reactor or a bomb. Reactor 1 at Fukushima has been periodically emitting neutron radiation as sections of the molten core become intermittently critical. Neutrons are large radioactive particles that travel many kilometers, and they pass through everything including concrete and steel. There is no way to hide from them and they are extremely mutagenic.
        So, let’s describe just five of the radioactive elements that are continually being released into the air and water at Fukushima. Remember, though, there are over 200 such elements each with its own half-life, biological characteristic and pathway in the food chain and the human body. Most have never had their biological pathways examined. They are invisible, tasteless and odourless. When the cancer manifests it is impossible to determine its aetiology, but there is a large body of literature proving that radiation causes cancer, including the data from Hiroshima and Nagasaki


      • Dus, we worden niet alleen bestraald ( zoals met gamma-straling ) maar ook gebombardeerd met hot particles ( alpha en beta-straling ).
        Helaas meet mijn geigerteller alleen gamma en beta-straling.
        Voor het meten van alpha-straling zou ik een veel duurdere geigerteller nodig hebben maar dat ligt boven mijn budget.

  57. http://climateviewer.com/2015/03/11/the-real-jaws-4-years-of-fukushima/

  58. Via @American Phoenix57:

    (San Francisco) April 3, 2015 – This is “Your Radiation, This Week.” United States.

    (In Counts per Minute, 50 CPM is an Alert Level)

    291 CPM Boston, MA,

    271 CPM New York City, NY
    230 CPM Atlanta, GA
    465 CPM Miami, FL
    205 CPM Chicago, IL
    252 CPM Des Moines, IA
    371 CPM Aberdeen SD
    339 CPM Kansas City, KA
    347 CPM Tulsa, OK
    474 CPM Little Rock, AR
    423 CPM Dallas TX
    316 CPM Lubbock, TX
    366 CPM South Valley, NM
    658 CPM Albuquerque, NM* Highest
    429 CPM Grand Junction, CO
    647 CPM Billings, MT
    560 CPM Phoenix, AZ*
    143 CPM Las Vegas, NV
    514 CPM San Diego, CA
    324 CPM Los Angeles, CA
    228 CPM San Francisco, CA
    459 CPM Spokane, WA

    • Oeps,verkeerde filmpje!
      Bedoelde deze dus:

  59. http://rt.com/news/251637-fukushima-plant-toxic-water/

  60. https://t.co/B5Bzz1XIAW

    • RT: “Very good drone footage of radioactive waste stored at FDNPP” (link hierboven)

  61. “Apparently in the interests of big business rather than the Australian public the government stopped all testing for nuclear contamination doing so on the advise of ARPANSA and FSANZ. Meanwhile the maximum safe levels for contamination were increased silently and without any media fanfare twenty fold in 2012.
    FSANZ also reported that Australia’s Department of Agriculture ceased all testing of food from Japan. Correct, the official website itself declares that the Department of Agriculture decided on 23 January 2014 to not only stop testing for nuclear contamination, but to stop testing of any kind on food imports from Japan.”


  62. Dr. Janette D. Sherman,Apr 17, 2015: “I was hired by the Atomic Energy Commission as a radiological monitor at the “Rad Lab,” University of California in Berkeley… While working at the university “Rad Lab,” I was offered a research job at the U.S. Naval Radiological Defense Laboratory… Chernobyl, which melted down in 1986, is still leaking and the sarcophagus being built to cover it is not finished. But the most critical site is Fukushima – so radioactive and unstable that it may never be contained… four years after the Fukushima nuclear plant meltdown, radioactive materials continue to flow into the air and ocean. Given that it takes 10 half-lives for an isotope to completely decay, for sr-90 and cs-137, that will be nearly three centuries… in one lifetime our world has become a massive dumping ground – toxic in various ways to all life.”


  63. http://rt.com/news/253897-chernobyl-fires-rage-ukraine/

  64. “The evidence nuclear reactors causes childhood leukemia”:


  65. “French police investigate fires near three nuclear sites”:


  66. “Fukushima Blasts Caused By Nuclear Plasma Not Hydrogen Gas”:


  67. “Filter waste containers stored at Fukushima Daiichi are at risk of having hydrogen explosions”:


  68. The Place You Must Always Remember to Forget – Nuclear Waste the film.

    • Thanks! Al niet meer te zien in Duitsland…


      • Goeie app,preach!
        Gelijk geinstalleerd,thanks.

    • Yo!

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The Extinction Protocol

Geologic and Earthchange News events

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