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Elvis Presley – If I Can Dream

July 10, 2016

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Angry Bear Chase Man up Tree

March 3, 2015

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Adventure is Calling

October 31, 2013

I think that everybody needs to take a trip and have their eyes opened to just how beautiful this world is and how much is really out there.

‘Signaling Through The Flames’ by ‘The American Dollar

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Whedon on Romney

October 29, 2012

Joss Whedon supports Romney as the man who will bring about the zombie apocalypse…

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October 20, 2012

ADHD ( Animation Domination High Def) is a block of animation airing Saturday nights on FOX starting next year and all over the internet right now. This shit is updated daily.

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Banned Hicks on Letterman

October 16, 2012

Bill Hicks ★ Banned “Late Night with David Letterman Show,” ❤ Guest Mary Hicks [Entire]

Bill Hicks, banned and censored performance and appearance on the “Late Night with David Letterman show” On January 30, 2009, David Letterman invited Mary Hicks, the mother of Bill Hicks, on as a guest to offering a public and formal apology for not televising Bill’s performance the night it was suppose to originally broadcast. Also, the original clip that was censored and Bill’s last performance on the Letterman show.

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Star Trek: Q’s Lessons

October 7, 2012

A look back at some of Q’s lessons to Picard during Star Trek The Next Generation.

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The Lighter Side of Doom

August 13, 2012

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*The Lighter Side of Doom

Just making an obvious point here. And hopefully a good reminder for us all. We need to stay happy and on top of all this craziness. No, we can’t minimize the dangers, but if we can’t see beyond it all we’re not seeing it right in the first place.

By Zen Gardner

*TEDxUtrechtUniversity – Patch Adams – Gesundheit Institute

Patch is both a medical doctor and a clown, but he is also a social activist who has devoted 30 years to changing America’s healthcare system, a system that he describes as expensive and elitist.



Shell Hoaxed

July 18, 2012


*Shell “Let’s Go” campaign a brilliant, elaborate hoax

Environmental activist group Greenpeace followed up a fake Shell launch party with yet another successful viral campaign against the oil giant.

The pranksters set up a website imitating Shell’s, encouraging people to submit their suggestions for a “crowdsourced ad campaign” promoting drilling in the Arctic.

Greenpeace released a statement taking credit for the campaign.

You might also want to read and watch on this site:

*North Pole: Russian Oil Rig Explodes



April 30, 2012

“Remember When The Country Rallied Around You In Hope Of A Better Tomorrow? That Was HILARIOUS!”

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*Jimmy Kimmel Shines at Correspondents Dinner

Late night comedian (Jimmy Kimmel) pokes fun at everyone from Obama to Mitt Romney.

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