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Zombie Rabies Virus

May 31, 2012

Dr. Rebecca Carley on Alex Jones Tv 1/4:HORRORS OF VACCINATION EXPOSED!!

Alex welcomes to the show Dr. Rebecca Carley (use your own interpretation of the presented ‘info’) , a former general surgeon at State University of New York at Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn and host of the Whats Ailing America radio show. Dr. Carley talks with Alex about the dangers of vaccines

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*Rudy Eugene Identified As Naked Miami Man Who Chewed Victim’s Face (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

…when the police officer yelled at Eugene to back away, the naked man merely raised his head “with pieces of flesh in his mouth,” growled, and began chewing again.

The officer reportedly then shot Eugene once, but Eugene still continued to attack the man’s face, prompting the officer to shoot multiple times until he was dead.


*8 suspicious events surrounding the Miami zombie attack


What caused the near-death of Tila Tequila?

March 8, 2012

Tila Tequila: What Caused Her Brain Aneurysm After Exposing the Illuminati on Social Media Networks?

“It was all over the MSM this week, the near-fatal brain aneurysm and drug overdose of reality TV host Tila Tequila. Regardless her wild lifestyle and likely abuse of substance, you may remember that a couple of years ago, she spilled the beans about the Illuminati and the NWO agenda in the American industry of entertainment.
I’ve found some odd details about her life, that suggests that MAYBE, I said MAYBE her brain aneurysm may be related with her whistleblowing attitude.”

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Free Robert Green!

February 22, 2012

Robert Green‘s last interview before being sentenced to one year in prison with no jury.”

Scottish Establishment Paedophile Ring Exposed

“Reporter Robert Green was arrested in Aberdeen for the crime of seeking justice and an investigation into the case of Down’s Syndrome girl, Hollie Greig, who says she was serially-raped over a decade by an establishment paedophile ring operating in Scotland.

Robert is now out on bail and with a gagging order against him in an effort to stop him naming the people that Hollie says were involved.”


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*Paedophile Ring Exposed


The Movement ‘I Don’t Pay’

February 20, 2012

Movement “I DON’T PAY” is spreading across Europe (english subs)

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*’We Won’t Pay’
Greece’s Middle Class Revolt against Austerity

“These days, even communists, unionists and leftists are raising a public outcry against the new taxes. This week, Aleka Papariga, the general secretary of the Communist Party of Greece, said that the only way to stop the complete bankrupting of the people was for them to not pay the “charatzi.” In fact, financial resistance had now become the supreme civic duty, she said.”


15 Trillion Dollars Mystery

February 20, 2012

Lord James of Blackheath FOUNDATION X UPDATE February 16 2012

“Lord James of Blackheath, House of Lords February 16 2012
Breaking news Lord James of Blackheath has spoken in the House of Lords holding evidence of three transactions of 5 Trillion each and a transaction of 750,000 metric tonnes of gold and has called for an investigation.”

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*Lord James of Blackheath: Mystery 15 Trillion Dollars Transferred to HSBC For Royal Bank of Scotland Connected to JP Morgan and Federal Reserve

“In April and May 2009, the situation started with the alleged transfer of $5 trillion to HSBC in the United Kingdom. Seven days later, another $5 trillion came to HSBC and three weeks later another $5 trillion. A total of $15 trillion is alleged to have been passed into the hands of HSBC for onward transit to the Royal Bank of Scotland. We need to look to where this came from and the history of this money. I have been trying to sort out the sequence by which this money has been created and where it has come from for a long time.”


Ahmadinejad Increases Bank Rates to 21%

February 16, 2012

Iran tries to stem money crisis after sanctions

“TEHRAN – Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad agreed to increase bank interest rates on Wednesday, hoping to halt a spiraling currency crisis intensified by new Western sanctions.

“The economy minister has announced Ahmadinejad has agreed with the approval of the Money and Credit Council to increase interest rates on bank deposits to up to 21 percent,” the official IRNA news agency reported.”

*Iran unveils ‘uranium enrichment advances’

“Claimed breakthrough likely to further unsettle US and EU who believe Tehran is attempting to acquire nuclear weapons.”


Child Porn in Pentagon

February 4, 2012

“Stunning number of individuals working at the Pentagon stand accused of purchasing child porn.”

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*Report: Pentagon Didn’t Fully Investigate Child Porn Allegations

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