Jupiter-Mars-Venus-Earth-Moon alignment

October 25, 2015


OCT 26th Venus-Jupiter-Mars conjunction & Osiris Myth


but there’s even more..
on the same day of the conjunction the following is happening:


Are we witnessing Ancient Egyptian Mythology right in front of our noses?

*then you work with that gathered chi…




MORNING PLANET SHOW: Set your alarm for dawn. Venus, Jupiter and Mars are gathering for a three-way close encounter in the early morning sky. Yesterday, Kouji Ohnishi woke up early and photographed the convergence from Iiyama, Nagano, Japan. He calls this composition Reverie in Autumn:


“I could see the planets even through deep fog,” says Ohnishi. “It was a wonderful morning.”

The next five mornings will be equally wonderful. From Oct. 25th to Oct. 29th Venus, Jupiter and Mars will fit together inside a circle only 5 degrees wide. Super-bright Venus and Jupiter are visible even after the black pre-dawn sky turns cobalt blue. Once you find them, you will have little trouble locating the dimmer red planet Mars. Enjoy the show!


  1. M’n kijkers staan al op m’n balkon.
    Nu maar hopen dat het helder blijft!

  2. Grappig mijn vroegere nickname,toen ik nog muziek downloadde van een van die eerste peer tot peer-sides,was Khonsu.
    En ik ben ook nog een Waterman.

    Samenstand is hier goed te zien in 010. Mars een beetje zwak,door wat lichte nevel,Venus en Jupiter helder met het blote oog!

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