Putin addresses UNGA 2015

September 29, 2015

Live gestreamd op 28 sep. 2015

Russian President Vladimir Putin is due to address the 70th UN General Assembly session in New York City on Monday, September 28.

During the highly-anticipated appearance, which will be the president‘s first since 2005, Putin is expected to comment on the most pressing international issues including the Syrian and Ukrainian crises, sanctions and the fragmentation of the global economy.

Uploaded by RT

‘Do You Realise What You’ve Done?’ – Putin Pulverizes Western Actions in Syria at UNGA


Putin decried the continued “export” of democratic revolutions and when referring to the Middle East he asked: “how did that turn out?“

He said such actions have led to “violence and social disaster“, where democracy and human rights are absolutely no where to be found.

Putin invoked the potential for international order itself to collapse if such actions are allowed to continue, saying:

“Russia is ready to work on the basis of broad consensus on the further development of the United Nations with all partners. But we believe that attempts to undermine the authority and legitimacy of the United Nations are extremely dangerous. This can lead to the collapse of the entire architecture of international relations.“



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