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Flight 17 victim’s bodies in hearses

July 24, 2014

The first bodies of those killed in the MH17 crash have arrived in the Netherlands to be greeted by grieving relatives and the Dutch royal family.
The remains of around 40 international victims of the Malaysia Airlines tragedy left Ukraine’s Kharkiv airport on two military planes earlier today, ahead of a painstaking identification process which is expected to take several months.
The dignified reception at Eindhoven airport is in stark contrast to the treatment of the victims’ remains in eastern Ukraine in the days after the crash, where pro-Russian rebels left corpses to decay in the summer heat in body bags dumped around the crash site.
Among those attending the solemn ceremony were King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima of the Netherlands, who held on to each other’s hands as the bodies were removed from the transporter aircraft. At several points the Dutch Queen was seen wiping tears from her face.

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Seems a strange ritual to drive these bodies across the country (106 km) in hearses; are we more civilized than you? To me it seems stupid to load these corpses in wooden coffins already, without identifying them and check them for diseases. After all: They came from a war ridden country, had been laying there for days and could be potential biological weapons. But hey, I’m probably cold hearted and not brain dead yet.

No record, maybe soon…

Update 24-7-2014:

Today 74 hearses…

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