12-acre sinkhole in Louisiana

March 22, 2013

Crazy , The Louisiana Bayou Corne Sinkhole has grown from 10 acres to 12 acres in 1 day !

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*12-Acre Sinkhole Plaguing Louisiana

Another sinkhole is plaguing the US, and this one is a monster: A 12-acre sinkhole in Louisiana forced Bayou Corne residents to evacuate seven months ago, with a fading chance they’ll ever be able to return, reports Grist. The sinkhole, which originally measured nine acres, was created when a salt mine that Houston-based Texas Brine abandoned in 2010 collapsed, NPR reports. The company may have excavated too close to the surface; now, a former swamp has become a growing sinkhole, and crude oil and natural gas are bubbling up to the surface.

Texas Brine is paying evacuated residents $875 a week for temporary housing, but one resident calls that “hush-hush money” and says he wants answers about his land.

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  7. Oeps het is weer mis in de Golf van Mexico:

  8. En nu weer in Canada:



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