The Magic Christmas Mushroom

December 23, 2012

The Magic Christmas Mushroom: Amanita Muscaria

Have you ever wondered why on Christmas we cut down/carry evergreen trees inside our houses, decorate them with fancy ornaments, and place presents underneath them?

Watch this short video from BBC wildlife show ‘Weird Nature’ to learn more about the reindeer appetite for intoxicating fungi, and perhaps discover a little more about the origins of Santa’s flying companions!

Uploaded by BBCWorldwide



  1. hello, preacher !

    when i was a kid out west, in colorado,
    i found one about a foot in diameter

    i split it down the middle, with a bud
    suffice to say, there was some puking

    then i remember lying down and ?
    it must have been a fugue, all’s i can think

    it was forty years ago, so details are sketchy
    i apparently survived, unless this is that dream

    • Hai @Esteban, I also sometimes wonder if I got stuck in some weird trip or am dead already. So I recognize the feeling…
      Thanks for sharing!

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