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The First Flight of nEUROn

December 3, 2012

First successfully flight stealth Drone NEURON Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle demonstrator Istres

The Neuron stealth combat drone UCAV (Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle) demonstrator successfully made its first flight (Read more), Saturday, December 1, 2012. The Neuron demonstrator which has the size of a fighter aircraft, took off from the military air base of Istres in France. It was operated by a technical team of Dassault Aviation.

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*The First Flight of Europe’s Future Killer Drone

The Europeans have another hope for the drone. Not only should the project show that European defense firms are capable of technological achievements like the nEUROn, its backers want to show they can pull it off as austerity measures on the continent ravage defense budgets. Dassault Aviation, the French defense firm that’s taking the lead on the nEUROn, boasts of its “innovative process in terms of management and organisation of a European cooperative programme.” The nEUROn program may help convince cash-strapped continental defense ministries that they’ve got a technologically advanced way to cut back on their manned air forces. That is, if the nEUROn can keep its electronic synapses firing.

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