FARC’s Dutch Tanja sings

November 6, 2012

*Tanja Nijmeijer

AMBIEN VOY A LA HABANA. Video de la Holandesa antes de partir hacia La Habana

Estas imágenes de la Holandesa, son realizadas minutos antes de partir, desde algún lugar del Catatumbo hacia la Cuba, tierra heroica de Jose Martí.

Uploaded by DialogosLaHabanaFARC

*Colombian FARC-EP and Govt to Preparatory Meeting

Havana, Nov 5 (Prensa Latina) Representatives of the Colombian Revolutionary Armed Forces-People’s Army (FARC-EP) and the Colombian government will meet on Tuesday in this capital to formally prepare the peace talks.
The FARC-EP confirmed on Monday to Prensa Latina that the meeting that was previously scheduled for Monday, according to an agreement reached on October 18 in Oslo, the Norwegian capital, was postponed for Tuesday.

Both sides had agreed in that European nation to hold a preparatory meeting on November 5, prior to the formal talks that should begin on November 15 in Havana.

The FARC-EP ratified on Friday its commitment to fulfill the agenda of those negotiations, which seek a change for Colombia and are based, according to the FARC-EP, on eradication of the causes that originated the armed conflict.

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