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The Rise of the Super Rich

November 3, 2012

GGN: Rise of Super Rich..Fall of Everyone Else, US Birth Rate New Low, Retired to Work for Pension?

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The Sinaloa and the CIA

November 3, 2012

Ben Swann: What The Media Isn’t Telling You About The Drug War

Ben Swann Reality Check explains what the media isn’t telling you about Mexico’s drug war and the U.S.’s war on drugs

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*The Sinaloa Mexican Drug Cartel Is A CIA Subsidary

America’s greatest National Security threat is from CIA run drug cartels. There are 1.4 million gang members in America. They commit 80% of serious crime. Of these 1.4 million gang bangers 250,000 work for Mexican drug cartels. The Mexican cartels are in the news because they have killed over 50,000 Mexicans since Chapo Guzman was allowed to escape from prison. Chapo Guzman had been convicted of killing Cardinal Posadas-Ocampo but won on appeal to a friendly court. Guzman goes to restaurants with at least 15 bodyguards armed with AK-47s yet cannot be found by authorities. A Roman Catholic bishop announced he was living nearby but authorities cannot find him. Guzman married an 18 year-old Mexican-American beauty queen who gave birth to a son in a Los Angeles hospital.

Federal court documents revealed that Guzman’s Sinaloa cartel has been allowed to ship cocaine into America 5 tons per trip. Fast and Furious has focused attention on the trade which has sent guns south and drugs north since the Iran Contra affair of the 1980s. But the US federal government has also shipped guns by the truckload into the American cities of Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago and Gary. The US government has also been shipping heroin in from Afghanistan. The Global Hawk is a pilotless drone version of the U2 spy plane. It has a compartment which allows the CIA (Cocaine Importing Agency) to export heroin 3,400 pounds at a time. American taxpayers pay 179 million dollars for each drone to transport the CIA’s heroin. Because the price has dropped this has led to 100,000 deaths a year from heroin overdoses worldwide This is good for the CIA and their drug cartel allies. The average age of a first time heroin user in America is now 14.

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