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Nuclear plants in US after Sandy

November 1, 2012

(31 October 2012) AFTER SANDY: Nuclear Plants in US : Arnie Gundersen

In this special edition question & answer podcast, Gundersen and Hurley discuss what effects Hurricane Sandy had on U.S. nuclear power plants, especially Oyster Creek.
Gundersen explains how spent fuel pools are not configured to be cooled with diesel power in the event of a loss of offsite power.
Oyster Creek and several other nuclear power plants did lose offsite power and Thomson Reuters reports that they may use fire pumps to cool the pools

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*Now 5 Nuke Plants with Problems from Sandy: New Jersey’s Salem reactor shuts down as water pumps “not available” — Trouble with both units at New York’s 9 Mile Point — Also Oyster Creek, Indian Point, Limerick

(Thanx to @Dr. John, who also keeps us update here in the Netherlands with his Radiation Readings.)


Alice Cooper – Halo of Flies

November 1, 2012

“Halo of Flies” is a 1973 single by rock band Alice Cooper taken from their 1971 album Killer. The single was only released in the Netherlands. The song was, according to Cooper’s liner notes in the compilation The Definitive Alice Cooper, an attempt by the band to prove that they could perform King Crimson-like progressive rock suites, and was supposedly about a spy organisation.

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*After Sandy’s New York Deluge, a Flood of Rats?

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