The Canada Oil Sands Nightmare

October 20, 2012

To help keep birds away scarecrows like this are all over the ponds

These Pictures May Give You Nightmares About The Canada Oil Sands

Canada’s economic boom depends on tearing up 54,000 square-mile of pristine Alberta wilderness.

Development of the world’s third largest oil supply is proceeding rapidly. It already represents a $3.5 billion annual paycheck to the Canadian government and 75,000 immediate jobs.

But many are aghast at the project, which is also the fastest growing source of greenhouse gas in Canada.

When you see the pictures, you may feel the same. We’re not saying the project is good or bad. We’re just saying the scale and severity of what’s happening in Alberta will make your spine tingle.

Business Insider sent me to Alberta in early May, when there was still ice on the ground and a bite in the air. I took these shots, trying to stay warm, from about 1,000 feet up, out of the window of a small plane.

By Robert Johnson

*Canada axes support for asbestos mining

Until 2010, Canada exported hundreds of thousands of tonnes of asbestos every year, mostly to India, Vietnam and other developing countries.

Opinion polls showed strong public opposition to the trade, largely fuelled by gruesome television documentaries showing Indian workers surrounded by swirling asbestos fibres, and cancer victims in nearby clinics coughing and breathing their last breaths.

Yet hundreds of jobs in eastern Quebec depended on mining a substance that’s barely used anymore in Canada and the United States, and local politicians were champions of a mineral that most of the world abhorred.


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