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Thousands of US troops arrive in Israel

October 19, 2012

Thousands of US troops arrive in Israel to test missile defense systems. A message to Iran? Chris Lawrence reports

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15 years of LiveStrong

October 19, 2012

15: An Evening with LIVESTRONG

When: October 19 at 6 p.m.
Where: Austin Convention Center

Special guests include: Lance Armstrong, Ben Stiller and Sean Penn. Live entertainment will be presented by Robin Williams, Norah Jones and Stephen Marley. The evening menu is from Top Chef’s Richard Blais, Antonia Lofaso, Angelo Sosa and Austin’s own Paul Qui. Art Icon, Mister Cartoon, will create an art instillation live at the event that will be available as part of the auction along with works by Ed Ruscha, Dustin Yellin and Patrick Martinez.

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  • *Armstrong – lies, cover-ups and big money

    It wasn’t about the bike and it wasn’t all about Lance Armstrong. It was about the money. That’s why it took so long for the big lie to surface.

    Nike and other corporates this week ditched the cyclist so famous the world knows him by his first name. The asset so bankable for so long by so many is a bottomline liability now the secret that underpinned it is out.

    The bubble that was Lance has burst; the market is adjusting, as markets do. Did Nike, Trek, Oakley and the other sponsors really have no clue? Or did the money blind them?

    The bubble grew huge on his inspiring story of not only spectacularly defying cancer to dominate the world’s best-known bike race but doing so on no more than bread and water.

    The flaw in the inspirational tale is that he is a doper and maybe always was – evidence points to him doping on the US amateur junior team, as a professional pre- and post-cancer, during his retirement, his comeback and, lately, as a triathlete.

    The lie survived so long because it served so many. Forbes magazine has estimated Armstrong’s worth at about US$125 million ($153 million). Managers, trainers and doctors were enriched, the sponsors benefited enormously directly, as, indirectly, did the wider bike industry.

    By Phil Taylor

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