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Chinese mass military exercise

October 16, 2012

Chinese paratroopers storm island during mass military exercise

The Nanjing Military Command’s recent joint exercise is caught on camera from start to finish.

Report by Mark Morris.

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*Japanese Navy displays strength amid island dispute with China

The representatives of more than 20 countries, including China, were present for the parade on Sunday. Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda stated that the country was currently facing “severe” challenges to its maritime security, and while he didn’t mention China specifically, it was more than obvious that was who he was pointing his finger at. While the growing military strength of China has been a concern to Japan, and other Asian nations, the repeated instances of Chinese patrol ships in the waters near the territorial islands over the last few weeks has the government of Tokyo more alarmed than usual.


Banned Hicks on Letterman

October 16, 2012

Bill Hicks ★ Banned “Late Night with David Letterman Show,” ❤ Guest Mary Hicks [Entire]

Bill Hicks, banned and censored performance and appearance on the “Late Night with David Letterman show” On January 30, 2009, David Letterman invited Mary Hicks, the mother of Bill Hicks, on as a guest to offering a public and formal apology for not televising Bill’s performance the night it was suppose to originally broadcast. Also, the original clip that was censored and Bill’s last performance on the Letterman show.

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