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October 9, 2012

Take their land and people will have to find jobs to survive. It is a mystery how millions of Africans managed to keep themselves alive with NO interference from external corporations and banks. Don’t let them do it Africa. Keep control of your lands and your freedom or you will end up like America with 1/3rd of the population too poor to buy land and a government that hoards land so the speculators can raise prices. Once the banks have control they will squeeze the money supply and force out those that invested in land and will force into wage slavery as much of the population as they can trick into going along with their selfish plans.

If you think that banks and corporations have your wellbeing at heart just look what they have done to the Western world. They have taken over control of the land and the justice systems and now bleed dry every person among us that isn’t one of them. Millions are left homeless and hungry in the streets. Greek parents are now giving their children away because they have no means to shelter and feed them but the banks own everything. Keep your land and resources, keep your freedom, build your economy on top of your basic security of common ownership of your land and your resources. Banks and corporations are like cancers – they eat you alive & then grind the bones for fertilizer.

By Trish House

You can read it here:

World Bank refuses call to halt land deals

The World Bank has rejected a call to suspend its involvement in large scale agricultural land acquisition following the release of a major report by the international aid agency Oxfam on the negative impact of international land speculation in developing countries.

“We share the concerns Oxfam raised in their report,” the bank stated in an unusually lengthy public rebuttal to the Oxfam Report. “However, we disagree with Oxfam’s call for a moratorium on World Bank Group…investments in land intensive large-scale agricultural enterprises, especially during a time of rapidly rising global food prices.”

“A moratorium focused on the Bank Group targets precisely those stakeholders doing the most to improve practices – progressive governments, investors, and us. Taking such a step would do nothing to help reduce the instances of abusive practices and would likely deter responsible investors willing to apply our high standards,” the rebuttal said.

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