The Age of Surprise

October 1, 2012

The exponential advancement of technology has reached a critical point where not even governments can project the direction humanity is headed. Some researchers forecast an eventual singularity where the lines between humans and machines are blurred.

Discussions of warfighting domains in the past have included land, sea, air, and space. Recently cyber was added as a current domain of concern. But as cyber capabilities continue to evolve and combine with enablers of rapidly improving artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, and biotechnology, new threats may emerge. These threats may manifest at the state, non-state group, or even super-empowered individual levels in the Age of Surprise.

The Air Force Center for Strategy and Technology produced this video as part of an annual study it conducts about strategy and “airpower” in the future. The information is inspired by findings published by the Blue Horizons graduate student program at The Air University.

Learn more at http://csat.au.af.mil/blue_horizon/index.htm

Uploaded by BlueHorizons2040

*Air Force Video Compares Facebook, iPhone to Atom Bombs

In an foreboding web video entitled “Welcome to 2035…the Age of Surprise,” produced by the U.S. Air Force’s Center for Strategy and Technology, the pace of human advancement races forward ever faster until the distinction between man and machine all but disappears and the dangers to those cyborgs are omnipresent. Social media, apparently, is a major step on the road to this dystopia.

The video is part of a USAF-led effort called “Blue Horizons,” which is tasked with producing a series of annual reports to attempt to predict the future’s technology. Blue Horizons tries to determine what air, space and cyberspace will look like in the next 20 years or so. It seeks to anticipate how the technology will change and who will have access to emerging technologies. But given their predictions, you’d be forgiven if you came away from the video with an impulsive need to burn your iPhone, deactivate your Facebook account and soberly promise never to go on YouTube again — wait, can I fit all that in a tweet?



  1. En nog een toegift:


    *Denkt erover om naar Zuid Afrika te gaan emigreren*

  2. Oh, vergat deze nog:


    Weet niet of het allemaal nog ontopic is maar er is zoveel….
    Anders moet je ze maar herplaatsen naar de juiste topics,heb het zo druk en kom zoveel tegen,zie soms zelf door de bomen het bos niet meer.
    Wat zei je van de week over het “eindspel” ?
    Denk dat het al lang en breed aan de gang is.

    Groetjes (Dr.) John.

    *kalmerend tabletje innemen doet*

    • Hey @Dr. John! Nah, ik doe niet aan ‘on topic’ en reactie’s overzetten is haast onmogelijk.
      Ik heb zelf gisteren ook veel getwitterd; er is inderdaad veel te delen. Jij bedankt voor jouw delen!
      Volgens mij is het eindspel al 11-9-2001 begonnen, maar zitten we nu in het eind van het eindspel…

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