The Princess of Altai

September 22, 2012

The 5000 year old Scythian “Ice Princess” found in the Altai Krai region of Russia/China border

The mysterious tattoos of the Princess of Altai

Altai Aborigines say that the mummy is their progenitor. They call her Princess Kadyn, or Kydyn. The tattoo on her arm conceals very important information for mankind. The time to read the information has not come yet, Aborigines say. They also believe that the woman was a priestess and that she passed away voluntarily to protect the Earth from evil spirits.

Native residents also say that scientists troubled her remains and angered the powerful gods. An earthquake occurred in the region soon after the mummy was discovered. The locals urged the scientists to put the mummy back in the burial hill to avoid new disasters. Rumor has it that the number of wildfires and storms started growing after the mummy was removed from her chamber.

The tattoo on the body covers the woman’s both arms from her shoulders to her hands. The tattoos were preserved well only on the left arm. A mythical animal is depicted on the left shoulder of the mummy – an antlered deer with the beak of a vulture. The antlers are adorned with vulture heads; a similar head can be seen on the back of the animal, the body of which is twisted. A sheep with its head thrown back can be seen below. The mouth of a spotted panther with a long tail is seen at the legs of the sheep.

The clash between vultures and hoofed animals corresponds to the semantics of the conflict between two worlds: a predator from the lower, chthonian world against herbivorous animals that symbolize the middle world.

*Princess of Ukok mummy returns to save Russia from major disaster

After 17 years of research, the famous “Princess of Ukok” returned to Russia’s Altai on September 20. The armored sarcophagus with the remains of the mummy was flown from Novosibirsk by Mi-8 helicopter.

Scientific expedition under the chairmanship of Novosibirsk-based archaeologist Natalya Polosmak found the mummy in 1993. The ancient human remains were discovered in the burial mount of Scythian era on Ukok plateau, near the border with Mongolia, the Voice of Russia says. The mummy is more than 2.5 thousand years old.

*Siberian Ice Maiden, Ukok Princess

The coffin was made large enough to accomodate a high felt headress, similar to a witches hat, which was decorated with fifteen gilded wooden-birds sewn to it.
The ‘Ice Maiden’s’, well-preserved body, was carefully embalmed using peat and bark, it is believe she was arranged in the coffin to lie on her side as if asleep, it is possible she may have died in this position and rigor mortis may have already occurred.

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