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G. Edward Griffin: End Of The Line?

September 18, 2012

G. Edward Griffin: “The End Of The Line”.

G. Edward Griffin discusses the future of America and the globe.

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*The Creature from Jekyll Island

Author G. Edward Griffin enrolled in the College for Financial Planning in Denver, Colorado, and became a Certified Financial Planner in 1989. He described the U.S. money system in his 1993 movie and 1994 book on the Federal Reserve System, The Creature from Jekyll Island. This popular book has been a business bestseller; it has been reprinted in Japanese, 2005, and German, 2006. The book also influenced Ron Paul during the writing of a chapter on money and the Federal Reserve in Paul’s New York Times number-one bestseller, The Revolution: A Manifesto, which recommended Griffin’s book on its “Reading List for a Free and Prosperous America”.

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