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Flawed Organic Foods Study

September 4, 2012

Flawed organic foods study really just a media psyop to confuse the public about organics while pushing GMOs

(NaturalNews) If you read the mainstream news headlines today, you might be shocked to see headlines that say things like, “Organic foods no healthier than conventional foods” or “Organic foods may not be healthier for you.” You’ll see these headlines all across the usual disinfo outlets: NPR, Associated Press, Reuters, Washington Post, WebMD and elsewhere.

The problem with these headlines is that they are flatly false. The study these news outlets are quoting actually confirms that organic foods are far healthier for you than conventional foods.

So how is the mainstream media lying about this? By fudging the facts, of course.

For starters, the “study” isn’t even a study. It was just a review of other studies. No new laboratory analysis was done whatsoever!

The “review” was conducted at Stanford University and published in the Annals of Internal Medicine. You can read the abstract here:

By Mike Adams


The Real Welfare Problem

September 4, 2012

The Real Welfare Problem: Government Giveaways to the Corporate 1%

Let’s run the numbers.

Corporate Subsidies: We spend $59 billion on social welfare programs, but more than $92 billion on corporate subsidies. According to the Environmental Law Institute, fossil fuel industries alone get more than $70 billion in subsidies, with most going to the oil and gas sector. Yeah, we certainly can’t afford to deprive Exxon of its record profits just to give money to needy kids.

But here’s the deal. As long as the middle class is in debt and feeling insecure, no company in its right mind will invest in expanding or any other type of job creation. Why on earth would they? If people aren’t buying your service or product now, how will making more of your product or expanding your capacity to provide your service make them do it? And Paris Hilton, Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan and other millionaires can only buy so many yachts; so many second, third, fourth or fifth homes. They simply don’t have the numbers to lead to an economic recovery.

The proof of this is in the numbers. Corporations are sitting on over $2 trillion in profits. What job creation is occurring is happening overseas in China, India and other low wage countries.

For the Dutch readers:

‘Wie is kampioen handophouder van Nederland?’

Nu ik eraan denk, hoe zit het eigenlijk met de rijke handophouders? De huizenbezitters, die ieder jaar weer de hand ophouden voor een teruggaaf van hun erfpacht, opstal, financieringskosten en hypotheekrente?

Want vergeet de AOW’ers; deze vorm van hand ophouden wordt door 3,5 miljoen huishoudens gebezigd. Ruim driemaal zoveel als alle bijstandsklanten, ww’ers, kunstenaars, wajongers, arbeidsongeschikten en andere handophouders bij elkaar.


The Obama Calendar

September 4, 2012

The faithful August 2013 page.

DNC 2012: Still Kitschin’

CHARLOTTE — The first difference I’ve spotted between this convention and the RNC is the ready availability of candidate kitsch. Real passion eludes Mitt Romney. He’s like the median presidential candidate — his base will vote for him, but not venerate him.

But the Cult of Obama staggers on. North Carolina is 21.5 percent black; Charlotte, 35 percent. In 2008, Obama won North Carolina by a scant 14,000 votes. He carried Mecklenberg County — Charlotte and suburbs — by 100,000. (That was up from a 12,000-vote margin here for the Kerry-Edwards ticket.) My plane into the city was chock-a-block with black delegates, and the streets near the convention zone are dotted with vendors selling for-us-by-us Obama merch. Below is James Hickman’s “Keep the Dream” calendar, which I was offered by a man who identified himself as the maker’s nephew and gave his name as “Red Storm.”

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