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The Jam – Going Underground

September 30, 2012

The Jam were an English punk rock/mod revival band active during the late 1970s and early 1980s. They had eighteen consecutive Top 40 singles in the United Kingdom, from their debut in 1977 to their breakup in 1982, including four number one hits.

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*THE JAM & JOY DIVISON – Something Else 1979 (HQ)



September 28, 2012

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Buddhist statue was made of meteorite

September 28, 2012

An ancient Buddhist statue known as the Iron Man that the Nazis stole from Tibet in 1938. Scientists have discovered it was carved from a meteorite. Photo: PA

Buddhist statue discovered by Nazis is made of meteorite

The “Iron Man” statue, which bears a swastika on its chest, was brought back to Germany in 1938 after being found in Tibet by a team of SS members led by zoologist Ernst Schäfer.

The expedition was backed by Heinrich Himmler, the SS chief, who believed that the secret origin of the entire Aryan race could be uncovered in Tibet.

Now the first scientific study of the statue’s origins by experts from Stuttgart University has found that it is made of ataxite, a rare type of iron meteorite with a high nickel content.

Experts concluded it had been chiselled from a remnant of the Chinga meteorite which fell to Earth near the border of Mongolia and Siberia 15,000 years ago.

Meteorites were worshipped by a host of ancient cultures including the Inuits of Greenland and Australia’s aborigines.


The Mexican Mormon War

September 28, 2012

The Mexican Mormon War (Drug Cartels vs. Mormons Full Length)

The cartels of Juarez, Mexico, are at war with a group of Mormons, some of whom are related to Mitt Romney. We went there to document the conflict, meet Romney’s Mormon family, and find out more about how US policy is impacting the war on drugs.

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On Fukushima Beach

September 25, 2012

Originally published on Sep 23, 2012 by andrewebisu
On Fukushima Beach (Full)

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*“Fukushima radioactive plume contaminated entire Northern Hemisphere during a relatively short period of time”

Massive amounts of anthropogenic radionuclides were released from the nuclear reactors located in Fukushima (northeastern Japan) between 12 and 16 March 2011 following the earthquake and tsunami. Ground level air radioactivity was monitored around the globe immediately after the Fukushima accident. This global effort provided a unique opportunity to trace the surface air mass movement at different sites in the Northern Hemisphere.

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We are all One

September 25, 2012

my anti war video… with the song “we are all one – Angela & Jeff van Dyck”
first it was for school, but i think everyone must see, that war is very awful!

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(explicit images)

*Total War game producer Sega blocks use of anti-war song at Wembley Arena during call for people to stop killing each other because they don’t want to be associated with ‘controversial figure’ David Icke


Tom Lescher’s Pele Report

September 22, 2012

Astrology Forecast for September 20, 2012

“When I learn to change from the inside out,
I no longer need to scream and shout
At other people to get my way,
I just tip my hat and say ‘G’day!”

This is a good mantra to remember this week as it may be very tempting to say things you will regret later. A good week to look before you leap, take a chill pill, and don’t go off half-cocked. The tensions run high bringing in a lot of new insight so take it all in, breathe, and “SEE” the world in a whole new way. Aloha…….PS. And don’t let the electronic disasters get to you….

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