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August 31, 2012

The Web of Deceit: The Pyramid of Our Society

I challenge you to open your mind and look beyond the national borders, races and religions.

The world around us is an illusion. Instead of evolving naturally, it has been socially engineered to suit one goal: power and control.

Have you ever thought why things are the way they are? In recent decades the life has changed so dramatically that you would not recognize it but because it has been done incrementally it appeared as it happened naturally. The technical progress is astonishing and things one could not think about became our reality. But there is a dark side to this progress: it all facilitates further control. Cameras, cell phones, computers, television made our life simpler, fun and more effective but they also brought us in a tighter web which has a greater ability to influence our lives and spy on us. Everything is recorded, analyzed and could be invoked if needed.

The whole system of today’s society is designed like a spider web and a pyramid. Like any company or corporation, the whole world is
run like a giant corporation. Our society is compartmentalized and people are small parts of a larger system. The government fully controls every aspect of human life from birth, children’s education, welfare, licensing, to death.
Almost everything you do, you need a license for. We are slaves of the system and are serving the system to pay of the loans taken from banks, trying to make ends meet. It was not always like that. People used to be able to work and feed the whole family without borrowing from banks. How did we come to this?

A group of people with a lot of money has changed the system
through corrupt politicians and introduced the laws to advance their agenda.
They first took control of the media and used it to make us susceptible to those changes and believe that this is natural evolution. Federal Reserve Bank of the United States prints out money and the U.S. government borrows this money and pays interest using the money collected as taxes. Banks are allowed to lend 10 times more money than they actually have in their reserves and
charge interest on money they don’t have. All banks are aware of this and “play” the game. There is not enough money to pay the interest and the debt grows and then there is default and a bailout and then government pays more of our money to the banks. Why do government do this?

It is because people who took over the system control everything including the government. It is not our government which rules us for us but one of their global system departments to run us. How is it possible to coordinate all this on a global scale? Here comes the United Nations to run the legislation, North Atlantic Treaty Organization to police the enforce the agenda, World Bank and International Monetary Fund to regulate financial system, Bilderberg Group, meeting once a year, is a governing body and then all smaller departments (our governments, media, banks and corporations) carry out the agenda. Here the pyramid comes in place.

The human society is being destroyed on all levels. The false values the system fed us all these decades through the media made us complacent to the agenda and everything else is ridiculed. The family institution is destroyed through feminism and abortions; the international law is twisted – sovereign counties are being invaded, pillaged and the population killed on false pretexts; social values have degraded through the media to drug and sex-loving empty culture of feminine-like wimpy men who act tough. Women act like men, men like women and all of them like children. That is the end of the society and its complete degradation and mayhem.

The food is being poisoned with genetically modified products, drinking water with fluoride, vaccines with unspecified viruses and chemicals. The rate of various deceased skyrocketed. Billions of dollars are spent on wars and conquering other countries and in the meantime American Healthcare System is at the brink of collapse and millions of people die each year worldwide form hunger and preventable deceases. It seems like nobody cares but in fact the reality is more sinister – it is actually the plan to destroy the human population through various means. It is called Agenda 21.

Global warming is a fraud to collect more taxes and make us more enslaved through new regulations. The earth went through a few warming and cooling periods during last 1,000 years before any of the so-called greenhouse gas-emission machines were ever built.

Bailout is a fraud. Euro zone is at the brink of collapse, so is the dollar. There will be a new currency and the new system. The system
being implemented is called the New World Order! Congratulations on its arrival!

For all people who think this is all crazy, just do your research or wait until it is officially announced.

Let us pray for all humanity to survive this.

By John Smith

You can read it here:

Obama hounded by conspiracy theories

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  1. En niet te vergeten Fukushima en de andere “doodsmachines”:



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