Andrea Davison

August 25, 2012

What do Julian Assange and Andrea Davison have in common?

They both ended up seeking political asylum in this building – The Ecuador Embassy in London

As I told you all in my last article Ms Andrea Davison has far more to offer than the CIA conman Julian Assange so why isn’t the world media interested in this scoop and more to the point just what does this women know that the British Government does not want you to know and why did the Derbyshire Police seize thousands of documents on ‘Arms to Iraq’ using the Proceeds of Crime Act

Is it possible that Ms Davison has so much information to offer the Chilcott Inquiry (Iraq Inquiry) that could implicate many ex and current PM’s and cause them to end up in prison?

*Another fugitive holed up in the Ecuador Embassy is worrying the elites more than Assange

TAP – no wonder William Hague wants to storm the Ecuador Embassy and stop information from slipping out. Are you sure she’s in there, Wasp? This is your source –


EXTRACT – Andrea is afraid she may be ‘suicided’ and cannot protect herself because in April the Court made her virtually penniless by issuing a Restraining Order. This Court Order prevents her from spending any of her own money and also invidiously prevents her paying for legal advice or assistance to challenge the Courts Order.. Without a passport and made penniless by the Order of the Court she feels they are driving her towards suicide but states they will not succeed.

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  1. Bringing this bang up to date your must read Andrea Davsion’s Macur Statement http://www.macurstatement.blogspot.com

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