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The Fate of Fauntleroy

August 24, 2012

Souvineer medal marking the hanging of Henry Fauntleroy (1824)

Cheating bankers nothing new, 19th century ‘Madoff medal’ shows

The reworked George III penny was fashioned as a memento to the hanging of Henry Fauntleroy, who forged cheques at his bank Marsh, Sibbald & Co for more than a decade before he was found out and it collapsed with enormous debts.

Showing sentiments have changed little over the best part of two centuries, one side of the coin describes Fauntleroy as “The Robber of Widows & Orphans”.

The other warns “all insolvent bilking [cheating] bankers” that “The Fate of Fauntleroy” awaits them.

Such a scandal was the Fauntleroy affair that 100,000 turned up outside Newgate Prison near the Old Bailey on 30 November 1824 to watch his execution.

He was the last man in Britain to be hanged for forgery.

*The Hang the Banker’s Christmas Tree Ornament.

Some part of my mind has this eerie certainty that really bad things are going to happen to the corrupt of this age, to the bankers, finally, and to a certain crime syndicate nation in the Middle East. I can’t say that I’m ardently wishing for these things. I have a certain kind of watchful indifference. I know not to take any amount of inordinate glee, in even the righteous comeuppance of others. That’s bad form because, “there but for fortune goes you and I”. Schadenfreude is never a good idea, even though it is a compelling attraction. We see so little of true justice done here, that having it show up at any time can be refreshing and make one optimistic that it might become a trend. A great many people that I hear from and even talk to, are not optimistic about any of this. They give me arguments about how these people are just too damned powerful but the uproar over Corzine is not going to go away. Eric Holder is not the only industry shill who is in position to confound the process he was supposed to employ and who is in that position for the very reason of being an obstacle to justice. Over recent decades, a sophisticated vetting of personnel, has been taking place in areas of government, law enforcement and judicial agencies. It’s been taking place in the Senate and House of Representatives. It’s been taking place in Gubernatorial arenas and at the local political level in the states.

By Les Visible


Alien Skulls?

August 24, 2012

Black Market In Elongated Skulls Of Peru

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