China’s Corruption Massive

July 22, 2012

China’s Corruption Goes Mainstream

China’s latest and most lurid graft scandal made the cover of the May 14 issue of Time magazine. The story deserved to be there. It’s about massive corruption, betrayal, and murder. And it raises questions about China’s future.

*Leaked China Documents Show Massive Corruption, Officials Fleeing Country

As of 10:15am on Nov. 26, 2011, Beijing had identified 225 corrupt officials, 58 of them at the local high-level (ditingji) and above, who had embezzled over 2.5 billion yuan. Oversight must have been laxer in Anhui Province, which had half as many corrupt cadres—only 97, 19 of them high-level—who’d managed to abscond with 3 billion yuan. But the coastal boom province of Guangdong took the cake: 1,640 corrupt officials, 170 of them high-level cadres, who stole a total of 115 billion yuan (US$18 billion).

The numbers come from what appears to be a leaked collection of data, possibly compiled by a state-affiliated research center, sent to The Epoch Times on July 12. It came with no explanatory note, and was simply identified as “record of corrupt Chinese officials.”

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