The Message of Fukushima Unit Three

July 15, 2012

*The Message of Fukushima Unit Three

…I think there were three prompt criticalities in SFP #3, in rapid succession (March 14, 2011).

There is just one video on the net of the Unit #3 explosion complete with sound. It was recorded live off-air from channel 9 TV in Australia by ‘oztvwatcher’, before anyone in the MSM networks thought to edit out the sound.

The fuel pellets thrown for kilometers around SFP #3 would be from the initially burnt top sections of the rods, before the nuclear-flash boiled water below turned the SFP into a giant steam-powered shotgun. That fired three times. Three bangs.

(Thanx to @Dr.John)


    • Uuh,sorry,vertaling:

      200.000 mensen op de been in Tokyo om te protesteren tegen de geplande herstart van de oi kerncentrale en het heropstarten van kerncentrales in het algemeen.

      • Thanx @Dr. John en slaap wel voor later!

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