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The Beat Goes On

July 15, 2012

una presentacion de Sonny y Cher en su exitoso programa interpretandouno de sus mas grandes exitos como pareja

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*Spain’s Public Workers Come Out In Force

Spanish workers blocked streets and railways in Madrid and other cities on Friday in protests against new austerity measures they said hurt ordinary people more than the bankers and politicians who caused the economic crisis.

As the Spanish government approved the deepest cuts in 30 years, including a second round of wage cuts and reduced benefits for civil servants, Spain’s main unions called on public workers to strike in September.

The date of the strike will be announced at a later stage, the unions said in a statement.

Traffic was blocked in central Madrid for hours as hundreds of public workers – many wearing black t-shirts in support of striking miners or green ones for public school teachers – shouted “cuts for bankers, not workers” outside ministries and public offices.


The Message of Fukushima Unit Three

July 15, 2012

*The Message of Fukushima Unit Three

…I think there were three prompt criticalities in SFP #3, in rapid succession (March 14, 2011).

There is just one video on the net of the Unit #3 explosion complete with sound. It was recorded live off-air from channel 9 TV in Australia by ‘oztvwatcher’, before anyone in the MSM networks thought to edit out the sound.

The fuel pellets thrown for kilometers around SFP #3 would be from the initially burnt top sections of the rods, before the nuclear-flash boiled water below turned the SFP into a giant steam-powered shotgun. That fired three times. Three bangs.

(Thanx to @Dr.John)

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