Russian Ship to Return Syrian Helicopters Again

July 14, 2012

Russian Ship Tries Again to Return Syrian Helicopters

The Alaed had been a Curucao-flagged ship, and British officials made a big deal of having given serious consideration to launching a naval attack on the ship and capturing it to prevent the return of the helicopters. It was at this point the insurance was pulled and the ship slunk back to Murmansk.

This time, things are different. The ship has been reflagged as a Russian ship and while still traveling as a private vessel it is trailing not far behind a flotilla of Russian naval ships headed to the same area on a “training” operation.

Being a Russian-flagged ship removes the insurance obstacle, and the close proximity of the flotilla presumably will prevent Britain from giving serious consideration to attacking it when it gets close to British waters.

By Jason Ditz

*Russian arms cargo vessel sails again

“Alaed” is Thursday sailing southbound along the coast of northern Norway after she left Murmansk on Tuesday. A flotilla of four Russian warships are sailing in the same direction some 50 nm north of “Alaed.” The vessel, carrying arms for Syria, is now on its way south after she had to return to Murmansk in late June to be refitted with Russian flag.

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