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Nightmare Scenario

July 10, 2012

Nightmare Scenario (Michael Rivero)

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Excerpt from the transcript of this radiobroadcast:

…That was when the money-junkies realized the advantages of killing off masses of humans rather than have to take care of them.
All that is needed is a mechanism of mass death that obfuscates the real agenda.


Or plague.

Or both…

We got both in World War 1, a war notable for the Trench Warfare system.
This was a system of soldiers in trenches urged to run towards each others’ trenches into the fire of machine guns and the clouds of poison gas. As warfare it almost seemed intentionally designed to kill the maximum number of humans while damaging the least amount of real-estate. And when Germany collapsed, it almost seemed that someone somewhere did a calculation and decided that not enough humans had been killed, because all of a sudden, a lethal illness appeared during experimental vaccine tests at a US military base, Camp Funston, Kansas.
This illness, misnamed “Spanish Flu” to obfuscate its true origin, raced around the world, killing an estimated 30-40 million people, more than the 15 million killed by World War 1, and more than had died in the Black Plague.

So that is how it is. Got too much debt? Got too many useless eaters who see the true nature of the banking system and the corruption of the government? Want to head off a revolution and skip that whole guillotine “inconvenience” ?
Start a war.
Or a plague.
Or both.

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