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Exposure of Banker Corruption

July 8, 2012

Exposure of Banker Corruption

The Fascist Business Model is not just showing its bitter fruit after the Bush II Admin came to office in 2001. It is flourishing in a climax of failure. The model does not simply permit financial crime. It encourages it. It promotes it. It rewards it. The higher powers organize it and run it. The result is not simply tolerated financial crime. It enables financial crime to flourish. The USAttorney General office sits on its hands. The Commodity Futures Trading Commission sits on its hands. The Securities & Exchange Commission sits on its hands. The financial press ignores the crime, or minimizes it, or explains it away. They all pay lipservice to enforcement of regulations and securities fraud. The outcome is a mindnumbing episode of financial fraud, theft, and collusion that the nation has never witnessed in its entire history. The outcome is an extreme strangle of the nation around its financial neck.

The revelation of banker criminality has only begun. The culmination in the opinion of my best banker source is come before too many more months. Attention focuses now on the LIBOR price rig scandal. It will extend to the USTBond and Interest Rate Swap artificial props. It will extend in a climax event for exposure that Allocated Gold accounts across the Western world have been confiscated, sold, and replaced with shabby paper gold certificates illegally. Numerous class action lawsuits are in progress in Switzerland, kept out of the news. They total several $billion in combined size. However, the account raid practice has been widespread in Europe, London, and United States. The scope of the seized and raided Allocated gold accounts is enormous. This will be the biggest banker scandal in modern history. The scope involves at least 20 thousand tons of missing gold, and possibly as much as 40 thousand tons missing.

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