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Assad: In his own words

July 4, 2012

Bashar al-Assad: In his own words

In part one of a two part interview, the Syrian president talks to Cumhuriyet about the recent downing of a Turkish jet:

I am not interested in international regional statements. Things like “with Assad”, “without Assad”. We will not accept anything that is imposed on us from outside. We will determine everything based on our internal dynamics.

If I personally was thinking of my own seat, I would have met the American advisers and followed their orders. I would have chased petro-dollars. And I would have given up on my own principles and nationalist stance. More importantly, I would have allowed them to build an anti-missile system [in Syria].

*HRW Report on “Syrian Torture” Nonsensical, Hypocritical

The dubious nature of the sources the conveniently timed report is based upon is only surpassed by the level of acute hypocrisy exhibited by the West, who not only has been accused itself (and admits openly) of maintaining a policy of torture, but carries out said policy on a global scale, and have been doing so, by their own account for at least a decade. Readers perusing the HRW report might mistaken it as a throw-back to America’s occupation of Iraq, where US soldiers were photographed raping prisoners, torturing them with battery acid, and indeed torturing and sexually abusing minors.

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