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‘I, pet goat II’

July 2, 2012

A story about the fire at the heart of suffering.
Bringing together dancers, musicians, visual artists and 3d animators, the film takes a critical look at the events of the past decade that have shaped our world.
Main softwares used: Maya, Vray, FumeFX, RealFlow
Download the wallpapers on our site.

Original soundtrack “the Stream”, written and performed by Tanuki Project.

Some of the stellar artists that worked on the short:,,,,

Animation is about half keyframe animation and half motion capture.
Motion capture recording by Lartech.

Uploaded by Heliofant

*Brain Dead Acquiescence, Mephistopheles and Faust.

…In any case, since before PNAC, a collection of psychopathic minds, knew where they intended to go. They knew that it was morally wrong, against the law (though they are changing that) and that it intended for either the elimination, or sustained subjugation and repression, of everyone not them. They knew in advance where they were headed and so they came at the public in a multi-pronged manner. They intensified the negative, dumbed down impact, of the entertainment and music industries. They set about to destroy the middle class, because successful revolution can only come about once the middle class has been engaged. They attacked the economic standards and infrastructure, while eliminating the manufacturing base. They attacked the job market, in order to supercharge the impetus to join the military and law enforcement. They privatized the prison industry, which then led to changes in the law that would guarantee maximum occupancy. They created a foreign enemy, while the real enemy was given carte blanche in the corridors of political and economic power.

By Les Visible

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