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The Never Ending Lies of TEPCO

June 26, 2012

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Tepco shut down Fukushima reactor four’s cam…

*Tepco is removing the upper part of reactor4

Reactor4 is going through the difficult part of construction. They are removing the upper part of the reactor building seemingly.
There has been no notice in advance.

I recommend people in Tokyo to wear mask. The wind is blowing toward Tokyo.

*Never Ending Loads of Disinformation From the Liars at Tokyo Electric Power Company

One thing that Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco) can be relied upon for: a never ending stream of disinformation with cesium laden piles of putridity.

Firstly, there is the matter of the Unit 4 spent fuel pool, that many experts claim could collapse in a major earthquake leading to massive releases of radiation.

When I sent the story written by Japanese Diplomat, Akio Matsumura, to a Japanese professor I know whose focus is international relations, the tenure-track professor dismissed it as “tabloid journalism.” Talk about a nation with its focus on its own navel, they don’t even know what danger they are in despite the 3/11 catastrophe.


Secrets Of The Mega Banks

June 26, 2012

The destruction of Europe is a planned event.

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*CNBC Admits We’re All Slaves to a Global Government Run by Bankers

“We are absolutely slaves to central banks.”

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