Montreal Flooded

May 31, 2012

Montreal downtown roads flooded after heavy rain on 29May 2012

Montreal downtown roads flooded after 15 minutes of heavy rain on 29May 2012. Scenes from West of Viger and Bleury near Square Victoria metro station. 2 cars broke down. This video is copyrighted by http://www.fotorains.com

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*Montreal Floods: Heavy Rain Causes Power Failures, Shut Down Parts Of Metro (VIDEO)

The brief but powerful storm saw a sunny afternoon lapse into night-like darkness. A solid slab of water crashed through the air, eventually bursting sideways in what looked like puffy, swirling white clouds.

The rain overwhelmed the city’s aging infrastructure in some places, with water pushing up through manhole covers and sometimes lifting them up.

People scrambled through the streets, some screaming as they were pelted and struggling to cling to umbrellas that seemed about to fly out of their hands.

By the time it was over, there were cars partly submerged in what looked like little lakes, while a pool of water covered several subway stations.



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  1. Oeps dan zullen de stralingswaarden daar ook wel weer omhoog gaan.

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