Syrian Rebels Admit Terrorist Bombing Campaign

May 11, 2012

Photo: From Hama, Syria, a city block lies in ruins after a rebel bomb factory mishap caused a massive explosion. At least 70 have been reported killed. In initial attempts to spin and cover up rebel involvement, BBC actually ran with an opposition explanation suggesting the Syrian government fired “SCUD missiles” at Hama. It is now revealed that the rebels are indeed operating bomb factories across Syria and indeed carrying out a terrorist bombing campaign.

Syrian Rebels Admit Terrorist Bombing Campaign

Reuters released a report titled, “Outgunned Syria Rebels Make Shift to Bombs.” The report admits that the Syrian rebels, depicted so-far as hapless pro-democracy protesters, are now turning to bombing tactics.

Reuters quotes one rebel fighter as saying, “we are starting to get smarter about tactics and use bombs because people are just too poor and we don’t have enough rifles.” The unnamed rebel continued, “it is just no match for the army, so we are trying to focus on the ways we can fight.” Reuters attempts to allay the fears of its readers by claiming rebels they interviewed insisted that, “unlike al Qaeda, their bombs were aimed at military, and never civilian, targets.”

*Syria: At least 55 people have been killed and 372 wounded in a twin suicide bombing


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