North Pole: Russian Oil Rig Explodes

April 26, 2012

На скважине №11 Варкнавская на месторождении имени Романа Требса 20 апреля произошёл выброс газонефтяной смеси.

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*Russians stop Arctic oil spill

The Russians say they have stopped an oil spill at the Trebs field in the Arctic.

It is one of Russia’s most important oil production sites. The 37-hour leak spilled an estimated 2,000 tons of oil into the pristine wilderness.

Operators Lukoil, Russia’s biggest company, and Bachneft obtained a licence to drill the northern Trebs last year.

The accident occurred when workers attempted to reopen an old well, whose seal ruptured. The WWF says the spill illustrated the environmental dangers of drilling in the region, and warned an offshore spill would be much worse.

Offshore exploration in the region has begun in earnest in a joint venture between Rosneft and US giant ExxonMobil.

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