Chinese Whispers

April 22, 2012

Listening Post – Chinese whispers: Murder, mystery, the media

We examine a scandal that has seen the single voice of the Chinese state compete with a cacophony of online voices – who is winning the media battle? Plus, the new cult that is North Korea’s Kim Jong-un.

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*Chinese whispers: Murder, mystery, the media

When Chinese politician Bo Xilai was suspended from his high-profile post last month, few could have predicted it would become the biggest political drama China has seen in decades. It is now a tangled web of murder, corruption and political in-fighting – and the media have been spinning the narrative in all directions.


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  1. Het valt al niet mee om zo’n klein landje als Nederland fatsoenlijk te regeren, laat staan zo’n miljarden republiek als China.

    Hier is het zwarte pieten ook al begonnen tussen de ex-gedogers en de VVD en CDA

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