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Mali plunges into Chaos

April 6, 2012

“A spokesperson for the Tuareg rebels speaks to journalists.”

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*Fallout of West’s military intervention in Libya: Mali plunges into chaos

When Gathafi’s regime fell to a popular uprising backed by NATO warplanes, his Tuareg hired guns fled south across the Sahara to their former homes in Mali and Niger in heavily-armed convoys of off-road pick-up trucks.

“At first, these veterans of the Libyan militia had nothing against Mali, but nature abhors a vacuum, and they needed to find something to do. So they allied with local groups, and now look where we are,” he said. (Eric Denece, director of the French Centre for Intelligence Research (CF2R), a think tank.)

*Mali coup leader calls for West intervention against rebels

“If the great powers are able to cross oceans to battle fundamentalist structures in Afghanistan, what’s stopping them coming to us? Our committee wants the best for the country,” said coup leader Amadou Sanogo on Thursday.

“The enemy is known and it is not in Bamako [capital of Mali]. If a force was to intervene it would have to do so in the north,” said Sanogo.


In Your Face VI

April 6, 2012

“The picture calls to mind the famous panel from the Vatican’s Sistine Chapel that shows the hand of God reaching out to give life to Adam.

In the NASA photo, called “Man and Machine,” the astronaut plays the role of God, while Robonaut’s hand appears in place of Adam’s. It’s a fitting allusion to the robot as a child of humans.”

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Must Know Skills For Survival

April 6, 2012

“These are 25 suggestions that people need to address now, before trying to survive the aftermath of a horrible event that sends the normalcy that everyone has become accustomed to down the drain for extended periods of time.
People that prepare have to realize that when civilization stops functioning so does everything that most of us depend on. There may never be that safety net there for us to fall into WHEN our stocked up survival supplies run dry. Much of survival is having supplies, as well as backups for when food, water, and other necessities cannot be found.
The other part is being ready for everything our new life could throw in our way. For this we all need to learn survival skills. At least think about it and then hopefully act upon it.
When someone thinks about their personal needs, an individual can probably add many more survival skills to these 25. They should become quite proficient with the skills they personally need and can use NOW before SHTF (Shit Hits The Fan) so they have a better chance of surviving some nightmare series of events that “seem” like an inevitability in the not too near distant future.”

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April 6, 2012

Scene from the movie Jesus Christ Superstar (1973).

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