Acid Rain Warning for UK and Netherlands

April 1, 2012

North Sea Gas Rig Blowout Is An ‘Explosion Waiting To Happen’; Acid rain warning for UK, Netherlands

“A deepwater rig in the North Sea off the coast of Scotland suffered a blowout five days ago, and is uncontrollably leaking natural gas in what experts fear is an “explosion waiting to happen.””

Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Fact Sheet (PDF)

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*Fears grow over pollution risk from leaking North Sea gas rig

“The methane release represents a very significant explosion hazard, and of course methane is a potent greenhouse gas. The gas in this field is ‘sour gas’ – ie it contains hydrogen sulphide which is very poisonous to humans and aquatic life – so localised risks to marine life are likely. The hydrogen sulphide content of the current release is unclear at present. Localised fish kills cannot be ruled out.”


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