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April 30, 2012

“Remember When The Country Rallied Around You In Hope Of A Better Tomorrow? That Was HILARIOUS!”

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*Jimmy Kimmel Shines at Correspondents Dinner

Late night comedian (Jimmy Kimmel) pokes fun at everyone from Obama to Mitt Romney.


The Rebirth of Barter

April 29, 2012

As Greece wonders whether its debt crisis will eventually spell its exit from the euro, one town in the centre of the country, Volos, has formed an alternative local currency. It works through a bartering system or exchange of goods.

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*The Rebirth of Barter

One of the most important articles I have read this week comes from Forbes contributor Gordon Chang. In it he states that China is preparing to avoid U.S. sanctions on Iran by paying for oil with gold. Not only that but he also mentions that China has already been bartering with Iran to get a hold of petroleum. He states:

So how can Beijing keep both Iran’s ayatollahs and President Obama happy at the same time? Simple, the Chinese can avoid the U.S. sanctions through barter. China has already been trading its produce for Iran’s petroleum, but there is only so much gai lan and bok choy the Iranians can eat. That’s why Iran is also accepting, among other goods, Chinese washing machines, refrigerators, toys, clothes, cosmetics, and toiletries.

The barter trade works, but Iran needs cash too. As it is being cut off from the global financial system, the next best thing is gold. So we should not be surprised that in late February the Iranian central bank said it would accept that metal as payment for oil. Last year, China imported $21.7 billion in Iranian oil and exported $14.8 billion in goods and services. As the NDAA goes into effect, look for Beijing to ship gold to Iran to make up the difference.

Thus, the leadership in America in its infinite stupidity has actually accelerated the demise of the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency. After its “kinetic action” in Libya succeeded in toppling the regime there, Washington’s geopolitical hubris grew and it has attempted to muscle Iran into a corner. Instead, all it has done is alienated our “allies” that need Iranian oil to survive and in the process quickened a move away from the dollar to settle certain transactions. Read Gordon’s article here.

By Michael Krieger


‘In Search of Rest’

April 29, 2012

Heretic Productions present: Les Visible… In Search of Rest

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*Alabaster Dream Castles and Fewmets under Glass

We routinely see effects but not the causes. They are often hidden from view, along with motive and background. Satanists, like pedophiles, do not announce themselves as a regular affair and they are often the same. Messing with the young is a major priority with Satanists and they are often high up the ladder in temporal power and rank. This is why you hear about sexual molestation industries and child murder and disappearances, only to have investigations get quashed, wind up in a dead end, or disappear from the news. Important political and financial figures, are either practising Satanists or the tools of Satanists and they control law enforcement and the investigative press, along with the press in general. We know who owns the world press and entertainment business, so it is no stretch to presume that they are Satanists and they certainly are the poster children for, “by their works ye shall know them”.

By Les Visible


Stealth-Jet Armada near Iran

April 28, 2012

U.S. Amasses Stealth-Jet Armada Near Iran

The U.S. Air Force is quietly assembling the world’s most powerful air-to-air fighting team at bases near Iran. Stealthy F-22 Raptors on their first front-line deployment have joined a potent mix of active-duty and Air National Guard F-15 Eagles, including some fitted with the latest advanced radars. The Raptor-Eagle team has been honing special tactics for clearing the air of Iranian fighters in the event of war.

The fighters join a growing naval armada that includes Navy carriers, submarines, cruisers and destroyers plus patrol boats and minesweepers enhanced with the latest close-in weaponry.


Green Clouds over Moscow

April 27, 2012

Green clouds over Moscow spark disaster fears

Mysterious green clouds have been spotted over the Russian capital, sparking fears of a chemical disaster and even some doomsday theories.

­But the Emergencies Ministry is advising the public to calm down. It says the clouds are actually composed of birch pollen, not of chemicals from an allegedly burning factory in the Moscow region, as some reported.


Creepy document of Rockefeller Foundation

April 27, 2012

Creepy document of Rockefeller Foundation foretelling bomb attack at London Olympics?

I stumbled with this document named “Scenario planning exercise”, available in the website of the Rockefeller Foundation, which describes a series of alleged hypothetical worst case scenarios and disastrous events, but that actually sounds like a blatant advertise of what the Illuminati have done and plan to do, towards the NWO. Including a creepy flag of a terrorist attack at the London Olympics. I strongly suggest you read the document and see for yourself. (PDF)

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*Nazi Zionist Olympic rituals


UFOs on ISS Video

April 27, 2012

Video from the ISS. Time and date not available.

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‘It Began with a Lie’

April 26, 2012

KOSOVO German 2008 documentary-It began with a lie PART 1of5

A German TV report by journalists Jo Angerer and Mathias Werth entitled “It Began With a Lie” provides proof of THE INCREDIBLE MANIPULATION of the public opinion carried out by NATO.

Germany’s Social Democratic (SPD)-Green party coalition government employed fabrications and manipulated facts to overcome people’s opposition to the participation of the German armed forces in NATO’s war against Yugoslavia in 1999.

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You can find the other parts at his YouTube-channel.

*Lies and tricks of a German minister – this is how propaganda works

This is how it works : Trough the eyes of German photographer Henning Hensch. A German story, Kosovo tragedy.




North Pole: Russian Oil Rig Explodes

April 26, 2012

На скважине №11 Варкнавская на месторождении имени Романа Требса 20 апреля произошёл выброс газонефтяной смеси.

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*Russians stop Arctic oil spill

The Russians say they have stopped an oil spill at the Trebs field in the Arctic.

It is one of Russia’s most important oil production sites. The 37-hour leak spilled an estimated 2,000 tons of oil into the pristine wilderness.

Operators Lukoil, Russia’s biggest company, and Bachneft obtained a licence to drill the northern Trebs last year.

The accident occurred when workers attempted to reopen an old well, whose seal ruptured. The WWF says the spill illustrated the environmental dangers of drilling in the region, and warned an offshore spill would be much worse.

Offshore exploration in the region has begun in earnest in a joint venture between Rosneft and US giant ExxonMobil.


Link Wray – “Genocide”

April 26, 2012

Rare and haunting track from Link Wray. From: Some Kinda Nut – Missing Links Volume 3.

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*Link Wray – The Shadow Knows

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men…

The Shadow Knows.


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