The Crazies (A Warning)

March 27, 2012

“The 2009 film, The Crazies is littered with images of our potential future if we don’t stop the New World Order from acheiving it’s goals. A world of chain-links and barbed wire is waiting on the sidelines for it’s time to shine. If we continue to let the NWO build around us, if we keep letting the media, the government and our friends mock the 9/11 truthers, the chemtrail watchdogs, the alternative media and the like – we’re screwed.

This movie wasn’t great, but the imagery in the film, the theme itself spurred some emotion in me – and now that I’ve made this video and threw out a warning – I feel better.”

Uploaded by Stronith (28 apr 2010)

*Chemtrails and Mindcontrol

“Chemtrails are a huge logistical operation. Larger than the hoover damn, trans-alaska pipeline or moon landing. Its large. And expensive. The biggest mistake one can make is assuming there is only one reason for chemtrails. There are about five or six reasons and possibly more.”

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  1. Oud Indiaans gezegde:”Liever dood dan slaaf”.

    *kaarsje gaat branden voor White Indian*

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