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HULU Commercials

March 22, 2012

“TV has been a decades-long alien conspiracy to rot human brains into consumable goo matter, and watching brains rot is the alien “Must-See TV.” Because Hulu Plus allows humans to watch TV virtually anywhere, “TV Star” Will Arnett can keep his eyes locked on a fan of Up All Night, no matter where he goes, while another “TV Star” tracks the simmering brain of a Desperate Housewives fan.”

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*Hulu’s Evil Plot To Destroy The World Revealed!

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*Watch TV. Watch Movies. | Online | Free | Hulu
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UFO fragment Russia

March 22, 2012

Cone shaped Metallic Object dropped from the sky in Novosibirsk, Russia. March 20, 2012

“Russian space experts are seeking to solve the mystery of ‘a UFO fragment’ which crashed close to a remote village in Siberia.

The ‘silver U-shaped device’ weighs 200 kilos, but does not appear to be a rocket or a missile – or a remnant of earthly space technology.

‘The object found is not related to space technology. A final conclusion can be made after a detailed study of the object by experts,’ said the Russian space agency Roscosmos.

Locals insist the metallic object – resembling a large shiny rubbish bin – fell from the skies. The object is six feet long and is at least partially made of titanium steel.”

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Man Made Quake in Mexico?

March 22, 2012

“This is profound and disturbing. There was a verified “drill” planned for March 20, 2012 in Mexico for a 7.9M earthquake “simulation”…. also on a separate note.. Barack Obama’s daughter was at the epicenter on spring break: WTH is going on?!

We need answers.. and I don’t think (at this point) any of us are going to settle for “coincidence”. Who has the weapon, and why are they using it.. that is the question at this point.

link to the documents in question, and links to the stories relating:

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*The Pope in Mexico: the Church protagonist of the mass-media, full coverage on TV

“The international signal will have no logo or brand for the transmission, it will be generated by a team of the Mexican television and distributed for the first time by the Catholic Church.”

*Pope Mexico Trip: Legionaries Of Christ Sex Abuse Victim Jose Barba’s Book ‘La Voluntad De No Saber’ Overshadows Visit

“”La Voluntad de no saber,” which comes out on Benedict’s first full day in Mexico, promises more complete documentation from the Vatican’s own archives. While the book is only being published in Spanish in Mexico with an initial run of 6,000 copies, the documentation will be available on a website, organizers said.”

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