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Death of The Forests

March 17, 2012

“An extraordinary visual essay about deforestation in Indonesia as experienced through the eyes of a dying orangutan called Green, whose habitat has been totally destroyed. This story is told entirely without words.
NOTE: This film contains upsetting scenes including cruelty to animals.”

Uploaded by AlJazeeraEnglish

*Green: Death of the Forests

“Also while in Indonesia, I helped rescue a weak and dehydrated young female orangutan from an oil palm plantation who died in my arms on the way to the clinic. She stopped breathing when I was alone with her. The vet and the driver had gone for a quick dinner, but I stayed in the car holding her like a baby in my arms and whispering to her softly that she had to be strong, that everything was going to be fine, that no one would harm her anymore. Inside the car, all was quiet and peaceful. I could feel her breathing on my stomach. An angel passed and the breathing stopped. She was gone with one last soft heartbeat. I cried and felt so sorry for her. The poor little thing had probably seen her mother shot before her own eyes, had been locked up in a wooden box on the plantation where we found her, and had been left there alone, scared, cold, hungry and thirsty for days or weeks perhaps.”

By Patrick Rouxel

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