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A Life in Pictures

March 11, 2012

Jean ‘Moebius’ Giraud (1938 – 2012) RIP
Moebius Redux: A Life in Pictures (2007) (TV)

Part 2 –
Part 3 –

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*Moebius, aka Jean Giraud, aka Gir, Has Passed Away

“Thanks, Moebius, and goodbye.”


Planetary Genocide: Fukushima One Year Later

March 11, 2012

Planetary Genocide: Fukushima One Year Later : The Poisoning of Planet Earth

“When have we ever been told the truth about our life-long systemic radiation poisoning? For decades, we have been uninformed experimental laboratory rats since before the Manhattan Project. There never were any ethical or precautionary considerations. Greed and secret agendas trumped everything else.”

*Japanese Fearful of Govt-Set Radiation Standards for Food

“As Japan has raised the permitted level of radiation in food by a factor of five, many Japanese are fearful that radiation has contaminated their diet.”

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